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Commercial & Residential Carpet Tiles - Modular Carpet Flooring

In recent years, the carpet flooring market has been marked by a trend in commercial interior decoration that is opening up more and more space and attracting people's interest. It is about modular carpet tiles also know as heavy traffic carpet, which are the ideal affordable floor covering solution bringing warmth and style to corporate environments and any interior area.

Regarding the internal decoration of a company, the floor and the use of carpets are an important factor to have a space with a fresh, avant-garde and dynamic atmosphere. Are you thinking about decorating or re-decorating your office or conference room? Modular carpet tiles are a great solution.

What Is Modular Carpet Tile?

Modular carpet actually refers to small square or rectangular carpet swatches (available in a range of shapes and sizes – 50 x 50, 25x100, 50x100, 60 x 60, 91.44 x 91.44 and 100x100 cm) made of Nylon or PP material that resembles a tile square shape. The mechanism of modular carpet is totally different from traditional carpet, as it consists of small partitions or planks that are arranged on the floor like a puzzle according to our needs. As carpet tiles are made up of independent parts, it is easier to change them from one location to another.

Modular Carpet Flooring Advantages

  • Easy Installation - Extremely easy and versatile installation, user can simply place modular designs following the instructions indicated by the manufacturer to make them look great in any space.

  • Durability - The main using of modular carpet is protect the floor, be it from high traffic of people, pets, dirt, among others, therefore, this commercial carpet tiles are more wear-resistant and dirt-resistant.

  • Easy Maintenance - When stained with permanent substances or breaks, modular carpet tiles allow you to replace only the damaged section, which in turn helps save money on cleaning or maintenance services.

  • Ease of Mobility - Can be easily moved and laid freely, Unlike these, modular carpets have the advantage that they are assembled and organized in independent modules that facilitate their mobility.

  • Flexibility To the Environment - Either for architectural reasons or for the distribution of furniture, carpet tiles are an excellent option for asymmetrical or uneven areas, it is possible to place only a small number of modules in order to cover the desired area.

  • Aesthetics Design - Endless possibilities to design and modify the order of the carpet tiles, which allow you to combine colors and patterns to your liking, in such a way that you can try different color palettes, mix smooth modules with patterns.

  • Acoustic Solution - Use carpet tiles or modular carpet in high traffic areas to reduce noise. In fact, these floor covering materials are being investigated as an important variable in the acoustic problem.

Modular Carpet Tile Application

In term of their mobility, durability, continuous reorganization, extremely easy installation, and ability to provide a fresh, dynamic and hygienic environment, modular carpet tiles have become a trend that has shaken the decoration market. Suitable for homes, offices, game rooms, schools, airports, casinos, and hotels, among others, this type of carpet has become essential for spaces with high traffic of people, as well as for floors that require unique design and customization.

Elegant, Quality and Functional Carpet Tile Suppliers & Manufacturers

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