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Temperature Control VAV damper

Temperature Control VAV damper - raised floor air flow system.jpg

Underfloor Temperature Control VAV Damper is used to provide sufficient air to accommodate the peak energy demands of the rack, resulting in wasted bypass air and over-cooling during all less than peak conditions in the Raised Floor Air Flow System. The damper measures the incoming air temperatures at the face of the rack and adjusts the VAV damper to control the air flow and ensure that the temperature at the face of the rack is never above  the maximum allowable set point provided by the user.

Temperature Control Fan System

Temperature Control Fan - raised floor air flow system.jpg

Air boosted Power Fan Unit is designed to provide a blast of cooling through an individual directional raised access floor airflow panel. The temperature controlled fan units are available quad fan models. The fan has multiple control options to automatically turn on when conditions require additional cooling. This powerful access flooring airflow system is ideal for solving the toughest hot spots in a data center.

Performance Characteristics

raised floor air flow system performance.jpg
  • Zero maintenance

  • Installation can be carried out by IT staff

  • Multiple control options for both models available

  • VN - client sensor network

  • High Precision, Quick Response Temperature Measurement

  • User programmable set point

  • Viewable Peak Temp for walkthrough check of each rack

  • Infinitely variable fan speed from 0-100% for precise airflow control

  • Easily installs into either 24" or 60cm raised floor systems

raised floor air flow system application 1.jpgraised floor air flow system application 2.jpg

    20% Rate Directional Perforated Access Floor Panels

raised floor air flow system - airflow panel.jpg

    Product Overview

Directional Perforated Access Floor Panels to angle the air toward the equipment achieving a 93% Total Air Capture (TAC) rate by a standard server rack. This means 93% of the air flow system delivered through the airflow raised floor panel is entering the face of the server rack, providing more capacity and energy efficiency of any other perforated airflow panel on the market.

raised floor air flow system.jpg
  • 20% open area delivers 640m3/h at 25 Pa when installed without a damper

  • Directional air flow achieves a 93% total air capture.

  • Cools over 8kW per rack.

  • Over 40% annual fan energy savings.

  • Reduces capital expenditures on cooling infrastructure by 40%.

  • Available in 3 concentrated load ratings 800, 1000 and 1250 lbs.

  • Easily integrates into an existing 24" raised floor system