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  • Concrete (GRC) Raised Floor Panels Features & Applications: Best Place To Install Concrete Access Floor Tiles
    2020/9/30 18:20:38

    The structure of raised floors has modular plates made of concrete that are the floor where people walk. Therefore, these panels are resistant and add style when harmonizing with where they are. Where to install concrete raised access floor panels?Where To Install The Concrete Raised Access Floor Panels?The installation of concrete raised flooring is easy and can be done indoors and outdoors. Best...

  • ESD Flooring - Definition, Types, Applications, Antistatic Resistance Standard & Best Options
    2020/9/29 19:03:53

    ESD Floor is widely used in many industries, especially in data centers, clean rooms, and in the pharmaceutical industry. What is ESD Flooring? Why do we need ESD Floor in these areas? In this ESD Floor guide, you can get everything you should know about the industrial flooring.What Is ESD Flooring?ESD floors are floor coverings designed to control the electrical resistance of the floor. This will...

  • 5 Advantages of Using Modular Carpets For Raised Floor Covering In Office
    2020/9/29 16:05:09

    At AccessFloorStore.Com, we share 5 advantages of modular carpet for your raised floor systems in office, residential, institution, or wherever you are interested in installing them.AdaptabilityWhether for design reasons or for the distribution of furniture, many times it is not feasible to place a carpet where you want it because the available areas are asymmetrical or uneven. Once again, modular...

  • Which Floor Is The Best Option For Commercial & Industrial Kitchens?
    2020/9/28 19:31:18

    The issue of hygiene in industrial kitchens is one of the most common concerns for owners of bars, restaurants, and canteens. Depending on the material of the floor, cleaning industrial kitchens can be complicated, tedious, and very expensive. However, this situation can be changed. The first thing you should consider if you are the owner of a food outlet is to change the kitchen floor for another...

  • Load-Bearing Capacity Standards for OA (Offices) Raised Floors
    2020/9/27 19:27:44

    OA Raised floor is an abbreviation for "office automation.", so it also can be referred as office raised floor. The OA floor has a double structure, and a space of about 30 mm to 100 mm is created in the gap. The power cord and LAN cable of the personal computer are stored in the gap raised on the floor. How much load can the OA raised floor bear? What is the concept of the loading capac...

  • The Ideal Types of Flooring for Commercial Spaces, Offices, Studios & Workshops
    2020/9/27 0:25:03

    Are you a contractor, business people, or architects and have no idea what type of flooring you should choose for your business premises? Find out what types of flooring are ideal for commercial spaces such as office, hospital, workshops, studios.Homogeneous Vinyl FloorThis material is made from one or more layers of PVC. Homogeneous vinyl floor is the vinyl itself that determines the finish, not ...

  • Two Main Methods To Install Raised Floor (Technical Floor) - Raised Access Floor Installation Techniques
    2020/9/23 19:30:09

    Raised floor is also known as technical floor or access floor, has been widely used in industrial and commercial places. In our previous article, we have introduced that raised floors can be divided into two categories according to application and functionality: traditional raised floor systems and low-profile raised floors. And two different technical floor installation methods have been derived ...

  • Raised Access Floor Height - Standard Heights For Installing Technical Floor In Different Applications
    2020/9/22 18:15:08

    What is the standard height for installing raised floors (access floors) in different environments? HUIYA raised floor experts bring you detailed answers. A modern and technologically advanced office, data center, server room, clean room, and other industrial workplaces will require the use of raised floors (technical floors) that will offer versatility, accessibility, and profitability in it...

  • ESD Flooring Types - Choosing The Best Anti-Static Flooring For Your Project
    2020/9/21 17:38:12

    The ESD floor, conductive and dissipative systems are used by industries that need strict controls on static electricity. This type of flooring discharges the static electricity generated and accumulated to the ground, in a controlled manner, protecting people, equipment, and sensitive electronic elements. There are some ESD Anti-Static Floor types are available in the market to meet client's ...

  • How To Remove Excess Glue From Vinyl Floor Tile (PVC Floor Tiles)?
    2020/9/8 18:36:20

    Once your Vinyl Floor installation is finished, it is not uncommon to find that traces of glue have marked it. Our tip explains how to clean this excess glue easily and without damaging the PVC floor tiles.How To Remove Excess Glue From Vinyl Plank Flooring TilesVinyl flooring can look so real that it's hard to tell it from the real thing. While when you use adhesive to glue your vinyl floor t...

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