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  • What Are The Difference & Similarities Between SPC and WPC Flooring?
    2020/12/28 23:18:15

    Among the various trends related to home design, rigid flooring is the most chosen. An elegant and relatively cheap option is precisely this, which creates in every single room a different look than usual and an all new and personalized look. There are two types of rigid flooring: SPC floors and WPC floors. Let's find out what unites them, their advantages and disadvantages in the installation...

  • What Is SPC Flooring? Check Out Its Structure, Advantages & Applications
    2020/12/28 22:33:46

    SPC floor as a type of vinyl flooring has been an ideal choice for commercial and high traffic environments with its practically indestructible structure. SPC flooring faithfully reproduces wood, marble, and any other material without having to give up that extra touch of design. But what is the SPC floor exactly, what are the advantages of its installation, and why prefer it to another? AccessFlo...

  • Computer Room Raised Floor Loading Capacity: Ultimate Concentrated Load, Uniform Load, Uniform Load
    2020/12/27 21:40:05

    Loading refers to the weight carried by building components in a construction project. Generally divided into three types: ultimate concentrated load, uniformly distributed load, and rolling load. These load specifications are often mentioned in the anti-static raised floor product report for the computer rooms and data centers to illustrate the mechanical performance of the floor, but many client...

  • How To Remove Wax (Resin) from Vinyl, PVC, Lino, HPL Flooring?
    2020/12/22 17:02:14

    Wax and resin drip on your flooring are very common, as wax can easily splash by moving or blowing the flame out of the candle. It can also build up if you don't have adequate support. How to get wax out of the vinyl, lino, or laminate flooring without leaving any residue? These methods listed in the post can be used to clean the spilled wax, choose the proper one that will be easiest for you ...

  • 2021 Commercial Flooring Trends - Most Popular Commercial Floor Options
    2020/12/17 19:28:41

    In 2021, sustainability remains the dominant theme of commercial flooring. From this idea came several new developments in the industry. The range of possibilities in commercial flooring is no longer limited to carpet, linoleum and ceramics. Innovations in the field now offer a multitude of options, offering different installation and environmental possibilities. In recent years, vinyl tiles and t...

  • What Is Commercial Vinyl Flooring & Where Should You Use It?
    2020/12/10 19:08:40

    If you have a renovation plan for your office, make sure the first choice of flooring is a commercial vinyl floor. What is commercial vinyl flooring and why should you use them? Here we discuss in depth the features and applications of commercial & industrial vinyl flooring.What Is Commercial Vinyl Flooring?Commercial Vinyl Flooring also known as industrial flooring, is actually one type of vi...

  • Clean Room Raised Floor System - 4 Main Types Of Access Floor Panel Used In Cleanroom
    2020/11/30 18:00:54

    In order to meet the high requirements of the latest clean room in terms of pollution control and tool load, a variety of raised floors are used in its floor construction. The clean room flooring on can meet all customer requirements with excellent manufacturing quality and high product line diversity.Raised Access Floor Panels Used In Clean RoomIn the clean room, people walk,...

  • Why HPL Is The Most Commonly Used Surface Covering for Raised Floors?
    2020/11/30 15:42:13

    HPL (High Pressure Laminate) is now one of the most popular and durable surface decoration materials, especially when applied to the surface of raised floors, and it is the most popular choice for customers.HPL (High Pressure Laminate Covering)HPL is the abbreviation of High Pressure Laminates. It is a substitute for the original plastic material board or Meina board, and the product quality is hi...

  • How To Grout Peel and Stick Vinyl Tile | Self-Stick Vinyl Tile Seam Grout Guide
    2020/11/28 19:12:14

    If you choose to install routable Peel and Stick vinyl tiles, you need to do grout them for sealing the seams between the two tiles after laying. In this guide, we will tell you how to grout peel and stick vinyl tile. Details Steaps For Grouting Peel & Stick Vinyl Floor TilesStep 1: Prepare Tools and MaterialsTo grout peel and stick floor tile requires a rubber float, your grout, a sponge...

  • How To Install Peel and Stick Vinyl Tile on Concrete Floor | Self-Stick Vinyl Tile Installation
    2020/11/28 17:36:02

    No matter what your budget may be, self-stick vinyl tile (also known as self-adhesive vinyl floor tile) is a great flooring option. It's affordable, durable, and comes in a variety of styles. They're also highly resistant to dents, stains, and scuffs. So today, we're going to go over how you can install self-stick vinyl tiles on concrete for your new house.How To Lay Peel and Stick Vin...

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