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  • Dust Controlling & Cleaning Guide For Data Center, Server Rooms and IT Buildings
    2020/5/30 20:43:38

    The regular air circulation in server rooms and data centers pollutes the hardware with dust. Therefore, regular interior equipment (server cabinets, machines, lamps) and raised floor cleaning (electrostatically conductive panels, antistatic coverings, and underfloor space) in IT buildings should be carried out to ensure the availability of the devices. How can dust be removed and cleaned in serve...

  • 10 Requirements for Building A Secure Server Room, Data Center, and Computer Room (2020)
    2020/3/30 0:14:57

    A data center or server room is used to accommodate a central IT infrastructure, which is the core of corporate IT. It is not only software-based attacks and vulnerabilities that pose dangers to data and IT systems. An "insecure" data center (server room or computer room) also poses a considerable risk. For this reason, organizational and infrastructural measures must also be taken into ...

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