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Access Floor Pedestal Glue
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Access Floor Pedestal Glue

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Raised Floor Pedestal Glue - Raised Access Floor Adhesive

Raised Floor Adhesive attaches between a steel Raised floor pedestal and the floor surface. This adhesive is widely used in Access Floor Systems such as office buildings and data centers.

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The Raised Floor Pedestal Adhesive is made by ACCESSFLOORSTORE in China. Huiya Raised Floor Pedestal glue making process is tested according to the CISCA / AF S6 standard. The tensile strength of the glue after solidification is 160 psi. The access floor adhesive VOC content is only 17g / L VOC, without any volatile odor. The curing speed is fast after use.

Raised Floor Pedestal Adhesive Specification & Application

  • Glue Color: dark brown or brown viscous liquid

  • Density: 1.1—1.2 (g/cm3)

  • Viscosity: 8-20 (pa.s)

  • PH Value: 6-8

  • Glue Dosage: 180 - 300g/㎡

  • Non-Volatile Matter: ≥95%

  • Activation Time: > 1 hour;

  • Curing Time: <6-8 hours

  • Bonding Strength: Compressive shear strength ≥15Mpa

How To Use?

  • 1) Surface treatment: remove oil or dust on the metal or non-metal base surface.

  • 2) Apply the glue to a single-side, squeezing, and brushing the adhesive evenly on the base surface.

  • 3) Pressurize and solidify the bonding material after gluing.

  • 4) Ethyl acetate solvent can be used for tool cleaning.

Packaging & Storage Precautions

  • 1) Packing: 25kg/plastic barrel or 550g/plastic bottle for small-batch purchase

  • 2) Storage: Store in a cool, ventilated and dry place, with a shelf life of 12 months.

  • 3) The remaining glue should be kept tightly closed after use to prevent contact with air and crust to affect the quality.

Raised Access Floor Pedestal Adhesive.jpg

The reasons why you should use raised floor pedestal glue are as follows:

  • Low VOC content, meeting the latest environmental regulations.

  • T15 "base strength" test and T42 "rocking bag" test in accordance with P.S.A.

  • The glue solidification time fast and the Raised Floor pedestal adhere stick firmly.

  • Access floor glue makes the gap-fill tight.

  • After the glue is split, store it in an unopened container between 60o and 80oF for 7 months. If it is turned on again, it can be used again.

  • For floor brackets, it can be used for both galvanized and non-galvanized.

  • The color of the floor glue is natural, without any dyeing raw materials.

Raised Floor Pedestal Glue Application.jpg

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