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  • Raised Floor System Construction: Components & Accessories Of Access Floor Structure
    2020/8/27 18:18:50

    To proceed with the individualization of the functional structures of the raised flooring system, firstly, some reference of the access floor components must be separated and defined. In this article, we will details every component of raised floor construction, which will help you get to know the raised floor system better!Raised Floor System Structure & ComponentsBase Raised Floor Panel is d...

  • Raised Access Perforated Panels with Adjustable Air Flow Dampers Increase UFAC Efficiency
    2020/8/25 19:05:49

    With convection cooling via raised floors, the still current demands for low operating costs, high flexibility, and redundancy can be met with a proven system for air conditioning in data centers.In most cases, however, the air escaping from the raised floor is still uncontrolled. Raised floor perforated panels with dampers controlled by sensors with a variable degree of opening are...

  • When To Choose & Where To Use Raised Floor System For Your Project?
    2020/8/24 17:27:17

    The application of access floors has a massive positive impact on your working environment, while when should you choose a raised floor system? HUIYA brings you the best explanation.Raised Floor Systems are an option almost everywhere where cables are to be laid or cooling/heating systems are to be installed on the floor. Regardless of whether in office and administration areas, data centers, and ...

  • What Is Electrostatic Discharge or ESD? Get Know How To Do Control For Protecting IT Equipment
    2020/7/31 21:04:19

    In data centers and computer rooms with huge IT equipment, ESD flooring is mandatory. What is ESD and why we must pay attention to it. In this article let us go through the Electrostatic discharge.What is Electrostatic discharge or ESD?Electrostatic discharge or ESD (international industrial term to define electrostatic discharge), is defined as the transfer of charge between bodies at different e...

  • High Pressure Laminates (HLP) Raised Floor Features, Advantages & Applications
    2020/7/29 16:16:07

    Redecorating or building a floor covering for the raised floor in data center or server room from scratch and static is not a subject to be taken lightly since today there are countless materials that can offer us both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, before starting it is necessary to know very well what type of project you want to have and how to achieve it, taking into account both the ...

  • How To Install Raised Floor System: Build Up Support Structure, Lay Access Floor Panels & Install Steps
    2020/7/29 14:57:30

    How to build up a raised access floor system in Data Center, Server Room, Clean Room, etc.? In this Raised Floor Installation Guide, we present the whole process of applying access floor, covering the steps on setting raised floor support system, laying panels and installing steps. Raised Floor System Installation GuideRaised floors are flooring systems suitable for environments where there i...

  • Idea Surface Covering For GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete) Raised Floor In Office
    2020/7/27 21:50:58

    GRC Raised floor is well known in the corporate environment, commercial establishments and offices, as it offers great benefits on cable management, versatility and sustainability. What’s more it can be customized with decorative coverings to create aesthetic space. In this guide, we are going to talk about the suitable surface finish for the Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete raised floor used in off...

  • How To Install GRC Raised Floor - Huiya Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Access Floor System Installation
    2020/7/22 18:50:51

    How To Install GRC Raised Floor? In this office concrete access floor installation guide, we show you the easy and fast ways to install Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Access Floor step by step, covering how to layout before installing, how to fix GRC floor panels on subfloor, how to cut GRC panels for edges, and more.GRC Raised Floor Installation - How To Install Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Rai...

  • How To Make GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete) Floor Panels | Huiya Office Raised Floor System
    2020/7/20 17:38:08

    With its stupendous advantages, Huiya GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete) Floor Panels have been applied into numerous commercial offices and hotels. How to make GRC Floor Panels? In this article, we will present the whole manufacturing process of our Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Raised Floor Panels, attaching a video about on-site GRC floor making process.Huiya GRC Floor Panels - Glassfibre Re...

  • What To Consider When Choosing An Raised Access Floor For Your Project?
    2020/6/29 20:30:09

    Choosing the raised floor and having it installed correctly is a job that requires much more involvement than it seems, the material of the panel, strength and durability are important factors that must be considered.Raised Floor Panel Material & FinishRaised floors are found with various specifications. In the past, panels were made of wood, wood composite or hollow steel. Most were not parti...

  • Raised Floor Types - Choose The Idea Access Floor Type For Your Project
    2020/6/27 19:22:22

    Offices, public spaces and operational areas (data centers, clean rooms, internet server rooms) benefit greatly from the types of raised floors. And why is it so advantageous to be used in projects? Flexibility and mobility are the main characteristics of the raised floor.Raised Floor creates a space between the subfloor and the panel, allowing the creation of a space that is very useful to hide a...

  • How To Repair & Replace Raised Access Floor Pedestals?
    2020/5/31 23:52:24

    Is your raised floor support pedestal bent or damaged? This is dangerous, please go to repair now! Follow us to learn how to properly repair or replace the pedestal of the raised access floor!How To Replace Raised Floor Pedestal & Repair Access Floor Support System?Raised floor pedestal is an important accessory to support the raised floor system, and is the key to forming the space under the ...

  • Basement Floor Design Ideas - Choose The Best Flooring Solutions For Your Basement
    2020/5/29 15:21:14

    Basements are often one of the first areas in which most homeowners consider using as an additional space, especially if the ceilings are high. Before you start remodeling your basement, consider the functions it will perform. For example, if you want it to serve as an office you will need matching cabling and furniture. If you want it as a playroom for children, it will have to be a cozy, comfort...

  • How To Repair Sunken or Sloped Raised Access Floor?
    2020/5/26 18:40:12

    If your raised floor is sagging or sloping, either you have bought poor quality raised floor panels and accessories, or some failures and bugs that happened to your access floor system. In the former case, for safety and efficiency, you have to prepare a budget for a better alternative; while for the latter, you may only need some right tools and materials to fix the sunken raised floor by yoursel...

  • How To Replace (Renovate) A Raised Access Floor Panel?
    2020/5/24 23:59:18

    Although the quality-assured raised floor has a durable and considerable service life, under many years of continuous pressure or accidents, the raised floor system may experience damage, no matter in office, data center or cleanroom. Therefore, you need to replace damaged or missing raised floor tiles in time to ensure the normal use of the entire system.As we all know, whether the raised floor i...

  • Most Widely Used Raised Floor Systems - Huiya Top Selling Access Floor Panels In Global Market
    2020/5/16 19:10:31

    With the development of science and technology and the development of high-tech industries, high-quality energy-saving and environmentally-friendly raised floors have become the theme of development. Many access floor manufacturer have worked hard on innovating from the source of materials to series of mechanical processing to save resources and achieve sustainable development, Huiya is no excepti...

  • Best Tent Flooring Solutions - Choosing The Right Material For Your Outdoor Event Flooring
    2020/4/12 20:20:37

    The tent is standing, but the ground is uneven, cold or wet? Depending on how you want to use your tent (for a part, outdoor events or temporary shelter), it may make sense to put the whole thing on "dry feet" and build a tent floor. We present various options for installing or laying out a temporary portable tent floor for military, mining, medical and events.Why Build A Floor For The T...

  • What Is Low Profile PVC (Vinyl) Raised Floor? Get Know Its Features & Advantages
    2020/2/29 23:16:52

    The time has come to choose the floor for a client's renovation project and you are lost among the countless options that exist. But you know what features are essential, such as: easy installation and maintenance, practical cleaning, resistant material and that causes little noise. Low Profile Raised Floor with vinyl covering may be the ideal option. Don't know what low profile access flo...

  • Raised Floor (Access Floor) Overview & Wiki - Definition, Design, Features, Applications, Structure | Huiya
    2020/1/8 15:49:23

    Raised Floor System (Access Floor) - An OverviewWhat is Raised Floor? Also referred to as raised access computer floor, access floor, false floor, elevated floor or raised flooring, a raised floor offers an elevated structural floor over a solid substrate. It is beneficial in developing a hidden void so that the electrical and mechanical services can pass easily. These raised floors syst...

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