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Top Quality SPC Vinyl Flooring - Rigid Vinyl Floor Tiles & Planks

SPC Vinyl Floors are a new generation of floor coverings that combine virtually indestructible rigid core with the charm of surfaces such as the hottest wood and stone-look trends and colors in beautiful, convincing planks and tiles. In addition to offering remarkable performance in waterproof, fire-resistant, damp-proof, wear-resistant and mold-resistant, SPC Vinyl floor tiles and planks are easy to install and their modular nature allows for limitless creativity in the design of its decor. With the huge benefits, SPC floor has been ideal choice for living room, laundry room, kitchen, powder room and more residential and commercial places. 

High-end commercial & residential SPC Vinyl floor - a large selection of stone plastic composite vinyl floor products at the best prices, reliable quality and instant delivery everywhere. Discover the best SPC Vinyl Flooring supplier & manufacturer for your projects here!

What Is SPC Vinyl Floor?

The SPC floor or Stone Product Composite vinyl floor is a rigid flooring that fits perfectly with the style of interior, suited to commercial spaces or any place that will have more intense area living. This type of luxury vinyl flooring is created from stone dust, minerals and a plastic composite. Unlike other types of vinyl, the SPC vinyl floor has the distinction of not reacting or very little to cold and heat. One reason for this stability is that this parquet floor is made of stone. 

SPC floors have multiple thicknesses, their center is even stiffer than WPC floors. A high-quality SPC floor also incorporates another layer of PVC top and a layer of balance that ensures the firmness of each vinyl or tile. 

SPC Flooring Structure

  • UV Coating Layer - Stain-resistant, antibacterial and moisture resistant, effectively protect floor surface

  • Transparent Ultra-resistant Wear Layer (0.3-0.7mm) - Protect the floor color from deformation or fading 

  • Decor Film Printed Layer in Various Visuals (0.07mm) - Decorative layer, high imitation of real wood, marble etc. 

  • SPC (Stone Product Composite) Core (3.0-5.5mm) - High density SPC board extruded with natural stone power and polymer thermoplastic PVC, super stability for lifetime

  • Cork or EVA base (1.5-2.0mm) - Additional remarkable thermal insulation, acoustic comfort and underfoot feeling

SPC Vinyl Flooring Advantages & Applications

  • Less sensitive to solar radiation and temperature fluctuations, therefore can be used with floor-to-ceiling windows, by the fireplace or in winter gardens.

  • Since the rigid vinyl floor is suitable for castors and has an antistatic property, it is suitable for commercial properties, as well as in offices or for your own home office.

  • No acclimatization necessary, can be installed immediately without waiting (does not apply to all manufacturers).

  • More robust and dimensionally stable than classic elastic floor coverings, can be laid over big areas in one piece.

  • No telegraphic effect, minor unevenness in the surface or tile joints, for example, are not visible in the rigid vinyl.

  • Tolerates minor unevenness when the sub-surface is not 100% perfect.

  • Pressure-resistant, the risk of pressure points is greatly reduced.

  • Shockproof, falling objects do not leave any marks.

  • Insensitive to moisture, therefore suitable for damp rooms such as the bathroom.

  • Combines the best properties of vinyl and laminate floor types, can be used for almost all living areas, whether in the living room, bathroom or kitchen.

All of these advantages make SPC vinyl a ideal flooring option that will suit a large number of achievements. Whatever your project, AccessFloorStore.Com experts can accompany you to make the choice that suits you best. Don't hesitate to contact us for more tips and information.