ACCESSFLOORSTORE is a floor Resource Platform. Customer Find Small Quantity Floor Products from "LOCAL STORE" Customer Find Large Quantity Floor Products from "FACTORY ADVERTISEMENT" From Company profile and Products details. ACCESSFLOORSTORE Shares Local Store and Factory Advertisement Contact Method.
Products of Various Brands
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Hui ya
Access floor Systems
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Sensse SPC
Raised Flooring Products of Various Brands
Vinyl Flooring (PVC Flooring)
ESD Vinyl Flooring Rolls (Anti-Static PVC Floor Sheets)
Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring
Industrial & Commercial Vinyl Flooring
Self Adhesive Vinyl Flooring
Vinyl Flooring Products of Various Brands
Company Purpose

To be readily available to as many of our clients as possible, now Huiya Raised Access Floor is seeking exclusive Raised Floor distribution partners for our complete product range, to help us in our task of extending our client range to a larger number of countries around the world, such as America, Europe, Asian, and Middle East.

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