ACCESSFLOORSTORE is a floor Resource Platform. Customer Find Small Quantity Floor Products from "LOCAL STORE" Customer Find Large Quantity Floor Products from "FACTORY ADVERTISEMENT" From Company profile and Products details. ACCESSFLOORSTORE Shares Local Store and Factory Advertisement Contact Method.
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Hui ya
Access floor Systems
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Raised Flooring Products of Various Brands
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Vinyl Flooring Products of Various Brands
Company Purpose

To be readily available to as many of our clients as possible, now Huiya Raised Access Floor is seeking exclusive Raised Floor distribution partners for our complete product range, to help us in our task of extending our client range to a larger number of countries around the world, such as America, Europe, Asian, and Middle East.

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A carpet tile that can be laid side by side on the floor. The big attraction is that anyone can easily perform the construction. In this guide, we will show you how to install carpet tile in your room easily!How To Install Carpet Tile Beautifully By Yourself?Compared to laying a wide rug, the compact size makes it easy for women and children to handle, and there is no problem with storage space. E...


There are many flooring materials, and we think that there are many people who are lost in how to choose, but the basic idea will be to choose according to the work scene and space application. In addition, if flame retardant performance is examined and barrier-free, it is necessary to consider steps and slope inclination angles.Think and choose what the floor can bring to your officeBy changing t...


When you think of office floors, you might imagine carpet tiles in safe colors such as gray and light blue. Nowadays, as with furniture selection, it is recognized as an important factor that determines the image, and a wide variety of flooring materials are being adopted in offices. This time, for companies that are considering floor materials and designs due to office relocation, renovation, lay...


Because the replacement cycle of carpets is long, it is important to emphasize not only the fashionable appearance but also the price and functionality. Here, we will introduce the features and benefits of carpet tiles and recommended usage scenes for business use and home use. Choose practical carpet tiles from a variety of perspectives to enhance the interior and comfort of your space.What is a ...