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HuaJing Anti-Static Vinyl Floor - China Leading ESD Flooring Supplier

Huajing Floor is located in Henglin Town, Wujin District, Changzhou City, China. It is a leading enterprise in the anti-static floor industry. There are also many dealers in China. Later, it began to produce homogeneous resilient flooring with directional and non-directional, and it was used in hospitals and electronic factories. At present, the number of employees is close to 100, and the annual sales are nearly 30 million US dollars, which can meet the needs of large-scale projects or government procurement. Complete qualifications, can provide ISO, CE, SGS and other domestic and foreign testing reports. Welcome to inquire and negotiate!

Homogenous anti-static PVC floor

1.ESD  floor tiles

ESD tile are widely used in lectronics,microelectronics,telecommunications environment,network floor,clean room,computer room and other places with precision instruments and equipment.Tile flooring vinyl Conductive and dissipative,the size is usually 600*600mm,610*610mm,900*900mm.Floor suppliers,In need of a cost effective and ESD flooring solution? We provide total electrostatic discharge protection

  1. Conductive tile    2.5*10^4-1*10^6 ohms

  2. Dissipative tile      2.5*10^6-1*10^9 ohms

2.ESD floor roll

Anti-static flooring in rolls can not only achieve the anti-static function,but also the characteristics of the homogeneous resilient floor. anti static flooring,the color is bright, super clean and stain-resistant, environment-friendly and safe,and is very suitable for use in the hospital instrument room.Plastic flooring tiles,Antistatic flooring is an effective safeguard against loss of data, malfunctioning of the sensitive electronic equipment or computers. This flooring is highly recommended for controlling the generation, accumulation and dissipation of static charges.

  1. Conductive tile    2.5*10^4-1*10^6 ohms

  2. Dissipative tile      2.5*10^6-1*10^9 ohms

3: Warehouse capacity and delivery process

10,000s.qm /day

4: FAQ

1: Do you accept small batch orders? Still do the project?
Accept small batch orders when in stock, factory price. Don't accept projects.
2: Minimum order quantity
1000s.qm MOQ

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