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  • Vinyl Floor Can Be The Best Flooring Solution Of Laboratory & Operating Room
    2020/3/31 16:47:20

    Laboratories and operating rooms, as special chemical medical places, have high requirements for health and safety. With its antibacterial, wear-resistant and benefits to security, Vinyl Sheet Floor is an increasingly demanded material in the manufacture of floors for laboratories, operating rooms, and spaces that require maximum hygiene and safety. While the usual thing in these cases is to bet o...

  • What Is Vinyl Flooring and What Its Applications In Industrial Flooring Projects?
    2020/3/31 11:41:36

    If you belong to the construction sector or are thinking of doing a reform, surely you have heard of vinyl flooring, very fashionable for its versatility, design, installation, and properties. Do you know what vinyl flooring is and what its applications are beyond the domestic sphere? From Accessfloorstore.Com we explain it to you.What is Vinyl Flooring?Vinyl floors are made from polyvinyl chlorid...

  • How To Install Vinyl Flooring Sheet (Homogeneous PVC Floor Rolls) Over Concrete Slab?
    2020/3/23 12:03:21

    Homogeneous PVC flooring is widely used in healthcare system, educational places, public places offices, and public transportation areas. How to install Homogeneous vinyl flooring rolls (homogeneous PVC sheet flooring) on concrete slab? Check our detailed guide for Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring Installation. Install Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring Sheets (Rolls) On Concrete Slab In StepsStep 1 -...

  • What Is Peel and Stick Vinyl (Plank) Flooring & How To Install Self-Adhesive PVC Floor Tiles?
    2020/1/6 15:02:34

    Peel and Stick Vinyl (Plank) Flooring also known as self-adhesive PVC floor tile is one of the highlights in the renovation market, which has found its way into private and commercial area, even in the bathroom and kitchen more and more often in recent years. Known for its excellent quality and price ratio, the self-adhesive vinyl flooring or PVC flooring also has the advantage of being quick and ...

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