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  • How To Increase The Durability & Service Life of Vinyl Flooring (PVC Floor)?
    2020/6/30 1:14:43

    When building or renovating the flooring of houses, apartments, offices, and any other environment, one of the concerns are with the resistance of the materials. In addition to being beautiful, long-lasting has become a determining factor when choosing vinyl PVC floor for your project. To help you with this, we are going to talking about the durability of vinyl flooring, so you can know if this ty...

  • Why Use Self Adhesive Vinyl Flooring (Peel & Stick PVC Floor) In Your Office?
    2020/6/30 0:09:31

    If, on the one hand, corporate environments need an aesthetic composition of impact in line with the brand identity, on the other, they also need practical and economical Corporate Architecture solutions. That is why when it comes to office floors, self-adhesive vinyl floor always come up.Benefits of Using Self-Adhesive PVC Floor (Peel and Stick Vinyl Floor) In OfficeFound in the form of planks or...

  • Properly Prepare Your Sub-floor For Installing Vinyl Floor (PVC Floor)
    2020/6/23 18:30:55

    Are you about to install a vinyl floor? Take the time to properly prepare your sub-floor to avoid unpleasant surprises after installation.How To Properly Prepare Your Sub-floor For Installing Vinyl Flooring?Be aware that unlike preparing a sub-floor for ceramic, in the case of vinyl, there is no need to solidify the structure. Since it is a flexible covering, even if the sub-floor is not the ...

  • How To Fix Loose or Curling Self-Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tiles (Peel and Stick PVC Floor Tiles)?
    2020/6/22 19:04:47

    The adhesive on the back of peel and stick flooring is usually very good. But sometimes you get some stubborn self-adhesive, peel-and-stick tiles loosening and curling up at the edges at some point months after installation. How to glue down curling edges of self stick vinyl floor plank? How to fix self adhesive vinyl floor tiles on plywood/concrete/ceramic when they become loose? Here we're s...

  • Using Vinyl PVC Flooring For Office (Workplace) To Avoid Noise Affects Productivity
    2020/4/27 18:56:28

    Noise in offices is one of the main problems that affect the productivity of workers. And it is that a work area in which ambient noise predominates will directly affect the productivity, well-being, and happiness of those who work with noise in offices on a daily basis. In this article, we tell you how environmental noise affects workplaces (the office noise hazards), as well as the best office f...

  • Tips To Remove Paint From Vinyl Floor - How To Get Paint Off Vinyl (PVC) Floor?
    2020/4/14 19:36:47

    Have you finished the heavy chore of painting the walls, and find that the paint dropped or has dried on the vinyl flooring? Don't panic, there are useful ways and tips to get paint off vinyl floors!How To Remove Paint From Vinyl (PVC) Floor?While painting at a room, drop or spill may drip to your vinyl flooring. The paint stains cleaned immediately do not generally pose any concern. However, ...

  • Why Anti-static Floor Is Good Flooring Idea In Your Company? Get Know ESD Flooring Benefits
    2020/4/6 22:14:39

    Choosing a certain type of flooring for your business can be a difficult task since you may fall into ignorance of the functions of different flooring materials. In the case of industries, where numerous electrical devices and machinery are present, in order to guarantee safety and avoid damage to machines and workers, anti-static floors must be chosen. In this article, we tell you what anti-stati...

  • Vinyl Floor Can Be The Best Flooring Solution Of Laboratory & Operating Room
    2020/3/31 16:47:20

    Laboratories and operating rooms, as special chemical medical places, have high requirements for health and safety. With its antibacterial, wear-resistant and benefits to security, Vinyl Sheet Floor is an increasingly demanded material in the manufacture of floors for laboratories, operating rooms, and spaces that require maximum hygiene and safety. While the usual thing in these cases is to bet o...

  • What Is Vinyl Flooring and What Its Applications In Industrial Flooring Projects?
    2020/3/31 11:41:36

    If you belong to the construction sector or are thinking of doing a reform, surely you have heard of vinyl flooring, very fashionable for its versatility, design, installation, and properties. Do you know what vinyl flooring is and what its applications are beyond the domestic sphere? From Accessfloorstore.Com we explain it to you.What is Vinyl Flooring?Vinyl floors are made from polyvinyl chlorid...

  • How To Install Vinyl Flooring Sheet (Homogeneous PVC Floor Rolls) Over Concrete Slab?
    2020/3/23 12:03:21

    Homogeneous PVC flooring is widely used in healthcare system, educational places, public places offices, and public transportation areas. How to install Homogeneous vinyl flooring rolls (homogeneous PVC sheet flooring) on concrete slab? Check our detailed guide for Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring Installation. Install Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring Sheets (Rolls) On Concrete Slab In StepsStep 1 -...

  • What Is Peel and Stick Vinyl (Plank) Flooring & How To Install Self-Adhesive PVC Floor Tiles?
    2020/1/6 15:02:34

    Peel and Stick Vinyl (Plank) Flooring also known as self-adhesive PVC floor tile is one of the highlights in the renovation market, which has found its way into private and commercial area, even in the bathroom and kitchen more and more often in recent years. Known for its excellent quality and price ratio, the self-adhesive vinyl flooring or PVC flooring also has the advantage of being quick and ...

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