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Huiya Raised Access Floor Distributor Application

AccessFloorStore.Com is dedicated to creating and manufacturing quality Raised Floor Systems. Our Access Floor Company - Changzhou Huiya Decoration Materials Co., Ltd evolves with the latest market trends and develops cutting edge technology of Access Floor System that keeps us among the best in the Raised Floor field, strives to offer the best quality and affordable raised false floors to worldwide customers.

Huiya Raised Floor - Access Flooring System

Why Our Pilot Raised Access Floor Exclusive Distributor Is Distinctive?

First, let us distinguish between distributors and exclusive distributor:

  1. Distributors refer to the number of companies cooperating in a country or a specific area. For example, our Huiya factory has 3 distributors in China.
  2. Exclusive distributor means that the company's products are sold by only one company in a certain country or region, and enjoy the closest cooperative relationship with the headquarters of Huiya (China) factory. The market of our raised floor products in the country or region is completely controlled by exclusive distributors. Sole distributors can develop subsidiaries or cooperative companies in the local market and expand the channels of HUIYA products.

The Scope of Exclusive Access Floor Distributor Authorization:

  1. A Class: Authorize exclusive distributor of Anti-static Raised Floor series in the certain country or area, but not limited to Office Raised Floor series.
  2. B Class: Authorize exclusive distributor of Office Raised Floor series in the certain country or area, but not limited to Anti-static Raised Floor series.
  3. C Class: Fully cooperate and establish mutual trust based business, authorize the exclusive right to operate all products of Anti-Static Raised Floor and Office Raised Floor series in the certain country or area.
Huiya Raised Floor - Access Flooring System

As Raised Floor has two main categories of application. One is the anti-static raised access floor used in computer rooms, and the other is the raised access floor used in office buildings. HUIYA shall conduct a qualification review of the exclusive distributor, and the C Class enjoys the ultimate exclusive agency rights for the anti-static raised floor for the computer room and the raised floor for the office building. The HUIYA brand is exclusively represented by companies that meet the requirements.

Our Requirement For Raised Floor Exclusive Distribution:

  1. With professional knowledge Raised Floor products.
  2. Have its own professional installation team in your country.
  3. Have its own company and warehouse.
  4. Faithful to HUIYA Raised Floor Manufacturer, grow together for mutual benefit.
  5. We currently only target the above 20 countries (Hong Kong, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, UAE, Egypt, Indonesia, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Singapore, Romania, Kuwait, Mauritius, Turkey ) to recruit exclusive distributors as a pilot work. If you want to be our distributor in areas other than these 20 countries, please feel free to contact us. But remember that countries outside the pilot program are not exclusive distributors.
Huiya Raised Floor - Access Flooring System
  1. In order to build a good ecological system for the raised floor market, our company requires exclusive distributors to have unique insights into Raised Floor, and can even provide product technology and advanced production technology. Unreservedly provide valuable advice to help us continue to improve the structure and quality of China's Raised Floor products, and jointly promote the sound and development of the raised floor system of Huiya.
  2. Promote the HUIYA brand in your country, and can help us to establish a good reputation of HUIYA brand in the local market.

What Can We Provide To Our Raised Floor Distributor?

  1. Affordable and high-end products ensure price advantage
  2. Strict product quality inspection service before leaving the factory
  3. Lasting and professional after-sales service
  4. Claim service within a reasonable range (product quality issues)
  5. Provide product design and marketing support.
  6. Provide product samples for free.
  7. Cooperate with customers to improve and upgrade raised floor products.

To become one of our Access Floor Distributors or Wholesaler in your locality, you will always be offered of all our newest raised access floor products, projects, upgrades and promotions, as well as necessary product information and technical support! Join Us Today!

How To Apply To Become Our Access Floor Distributor?

We require all of our distributors to be meet the following conditions for becoming our agent:

  1. Have their own raised floor installation and construction team
  2. Have relevant pro experience in the installation of raised floor
  3. Have your own access floor warehouse
  4. Have your own company and know how to import and clear customs
Huiya Raised Floor - Access Flooring System

Want to be the chief Distributor of Huiya Raised Access Floors in your territory? Submit your Distributor Application now and we will work with all wholesalers to achieve a win-win situation in the global raised flooring market!

Company Information
At the beginning of the contract and after the performance of the contract, both parties shall take confidential measures to deal with all technical documents and information received from the other party. In addition, both parties should ensure that their employees and authorized personnel assume the same obligations.