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Want to get our Raised Flooring specification, brochures, documentation and more information of HuiYa Decoration Materials Co., Ltd? You can download documentation (PDF) for HuiYa’s Raised Access Flooring System Certificates, Access Floor Specifications, Pictures and Related Parameters here!

Download The Documentation of Our Access Flooring Systems You Need

Changzhou Huiya Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional Access floor manufacturer with ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 Certificates, producing products conforming to the national electronic industry-standard GB/T 36340-2018: anti-static floor, ceramic anti-static floor, composite density anti-static wood-based floor, PVC anti- Electrostatic raised floor, intelligent OA network floor, silicate inorganic cement floor, and other raised floor products, in strict accordance with the ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification requirements.

For our Raised Access flooring, on our product pages, you can check out all the details covering the Specifications, Designs, Pictures, Installation Guideline,  Maintenance & Clean Guideline and related Parameters for each of our Raised Floor product (Access Flooring systems, Accessories, Covering, Materials and more).

For your convenience, you can download the PDF Brochure for our access flooring systems here, which covers the Certificates, Technical Specifications (Specification Texts to include in project design), Data, Structure, Pictures, CAD, Installation & Maintenance Guideline and more. Multiple levels of filtering (access floor accessories, applications, finishes) to provide you with the documentation you need, download easily and fast!

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