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Clean Room Raised Floor System - 4 Main Types Of Access Floor Panel Used In Cleanroom

2020/11/30 18:00:54

In order to meet the high requirements of the latest clean room in terms of pollution control and tool load, a variety of raised floors are used in its floor construction. The clean room flooring on can meet all customer requirements with excellent manufacturing quality and high product line diversity.

Raised Access Floor Panels Used In Clean Room

In the clean room, people walk, load, and move equipment, equipment and other operations, which are easy to wear and generate fine dust with static electricity. In order to prevent dust and fine dust from staying in the cleanroom, the high-tech industry uses aluminum raised floors most widely. For example semiconductor fab, NMR scanning, IC test area, photoelectric mask laboratory, LCD, TFT, confidential equipment, biotechnology industry.

In order to effectively control the direction of airflow in the clean room, reduce local turbulence, the space under the floor is used as a channel for return air and pipeline racks. The raised floor panel structure has a perforated panel, grille panel, and solid panel. On the other hand, these floors for clean rooms are basically made of aluminum. Although this material is more expensive than other types of raised floors, it can bring the following benefits and make it worth the money.

Raised Floor Solid Panel

Use this solid raised floor aluminum panels made of high-strength, ductile aluminum profiles in areas with extremely heavy loads in the clean room, and are equipped with wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and anti-static surfaces. The unique lattice structure of these solid panels allows the weight to be distributed in an optimal way to support the manufacturing equipment.

Raised Access Floor Panels (Tiles) With Anti-Static PVC Floor Covering.jpg


  • There is no iron material that can easily break the magnetic field

  • Has excellent rolling load performance

  • Lightweight and easy to carry

  • Suitable for a variety of conductive and static dissipative coatings or coatings

  • Panel and base contact to ensure continuous conduction

  • Flame spread and smoke development level: Class A

Raised Floor Perforated Panel

Perforated floors provide excellent cooling and ventilation for critical applications. It can provide various hole configurations and sizes. These panels enable you to achieve air volume and pressure differential requirements through undamped air flow adjustment. This unique damper system can evenly balance the air around the entire room or workstation and manufacturing tools.

Huiya 55% Aluminum Raised Floor Airflow Panels.jpg


  • Designed to provide superior airflow

  • Can be damped to adjust airflow

  • Provide a variety of wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and anti-static coatings

  • Has excellent rolling load performance

  • Class A flame spread and smoke development level

  • Easy access to maintenance

Raised Floor Grille Panel

The diffuser grilles are used to deliver strategic air flow into a clean room cold aisle. Heavy-duty die-cast aluminum structure, with excellent concentration and rolling load performance, and provides chemical corrosion and wear resistance conductive coatings and coatings such as nickel-chromium plating, Epoxy Coating. Available with or without an optional damper, and damper can be adjusted from the top to restrict airflow.

Raised Floor Grille Panel.png


  • Provides excellent airflow

  • Unique design reduces the vibration of rolling load

  • Has excellent rolling load performance

  • Can be equipped with damping to adjust airflow

  • Class A flame spread rating

  • With anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, anti-static surface

Raised Floor Glass Panel

The glass raised floor tile comes with visual glass window can be used to view the operation of the bottom equipment and monitor important floor activities without moving any raised floor tiles.

Tempered Glass Raised Access Floor.jpg


  • Designed to monitor important floor activities

  • Tempered glass, scratch-resistant, and corrosion-resistant

  • Excellent load bearing performance

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • No adapter needed

  • Can be used with any other raised floor

The load-bearing capacity of the floor, ventilation, and static electricity are essential for use in a cleanroom. Our raised floors meet all technical requirements for high-quality clean room solutions. We can provide segmented and continuous options of various sizes and airflow capacities to meet your cleanroom project design requirements.