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Complete Guide on Sheet Vinyl Flooring

2021/6/2 18:31:55

We are hoping you have come across the term vinyl flooring. If you haven’t, that’s okay! We are here to give you all the fun details. Vinyl flooring is a multi-layered material used for, that’s right; flooring. To make your floor look incredibly attractive, you use vinyl flooring. 


We are here today, however, to not just talk about vinyl flooring as a whole but to call out its specific type. There are vinyl tiles, planks, and sheets. In this post, we’re going to talk about vinyl sheets.

The different sides of vinyl sheets

Vinyl sheets are multi-layered and these layers are manipulated based on your flooring requirements. We go into detail with each of its layers depending on the types considered for vinyl flooring.

The wear Layer

The vinyl sheet’s wear layer is a protective layer for the sheet. The thicker the wear layer, the better protected is the flooring from foot traffic and other influences. For floors with less foot traffic, the wear layer is less thick. For areas with high foot traffic, extra wear layers are added to the sheet.

The width of the sheet

A vinyl sheet’s width is important as the thickness is identified with the area of installation. The sheet cannot be too thick if it is to be installed in a narrow hallway. Similarly, a thick sheet should be chosen for a large area. The commonly used width of vinyl sheets is 12 feet wide.

The underlayment layer

The attached underlayment or the backing layer establishes the strong foundational support for the vinyl sheet. It enhances the floor’s resistance to cracking or curling. Underlayment could be made from fiberglass, vinyl, felt, or foam.

Vinyl flooring that has a fiberglass core is meant for sheets that need to lay flat. This type of sheet is not meant to curl up at the edges. Therefore, these sheets are applied using the modified loose lay method. On the other hand, vinyl sheets made from the backing layer of foam give a level of comfort, make it easier on the joints. Felt-backed vinyl is extra soft too causing the edges to curl up. The foam or felt vinyl sheets are applied to the subfloor using the glue down method because of their curling-up nature.

Installing vinyl sheets

The installation of vinyl sheets is done in two different ways. One is the modified loose lay method while the other is the glue down method. Let’s begin right away!

The modified loose lay method

  • Unroll the vinyl sheet

  • Square the sheet to the room

  • Leave the unrolled sheet in the room for 24 hours to acclimate it to its surroundings.

  • The following day, spread the sheet and begin cutting after making necessary measurements.

  • While cutting around walls or obstructions, leave a gap of 1/8” – 1/4”.

  • Use double-sided tape around the edges and under the seams of the sheet.

The glue down method

  • The subfloor has to be smooth, clean, and porous so that it bonds well with the adhesive.

  • Roll out the sheet, mark the areas to cut. Around areas that meet the doors or obstructions, cut by leaving a gap of 1/8” – 1/4”.

  • Now, roll back the sheet to apply the adhesive.

  • Roll the sheet over the area again. Make sure to avoid bubbles.

  • Use a weighted roller from the center toward the edges to reinforce the sheet’s bonding with the subfloor. 

The different styles of sheet vinyl floor

Vinyl sheets have a versatile range of styles. 

Woody vinyl

Wooden flooring is super expensive and its upkeep is expensive. Any repairs for the flooring also come at a high price. Wood demands a lot of work. However, the love for wooden floors has never left hearts. People love its look, feel and vibe spreading across the room of a residence or a commercial space. 

Stony vinyl

Again, another timelessly loved flooring material that lends a heavy price to pay. Therefore, vinyl sheets come to the rescue. On the bathroom, kitchen, or even the entrance floor area of a house; the stone look flooring describes an impeccable display. Therefore, concrete, marble, and travertine looks are available with the stony appearance of vinyl sheets.

Ceramic vinyl

Sheets that look like ceramic tiles are a floor's best friend. These sheet patterns come as hexagons, basket weaves, and more. Yet again, these ceramic-looking tiles are easy on the pockets.

Creative vinyl

By creative vinyl, we simply mean the use of other shapes like geometrical or multicolored checkerboards. While the above styles of vinyl mimic the natural elements of earth, creative vinyl identifies with creative patterns.

Now that you know everything about vinyl sheets, go forth and make a flooring of your choice. Get in touch with us if you want to build the perfect dream floor.