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metal mosaic tiles

2021/12/18 10:31:40

metal mosaic tiles

Thanks to GAUDI, redecorating with tile has never been easier. Obsidian Arts has just released a new line of products that are perfect for bathroom backsplashes or background walls. This 3D aluminum mosaic leaf shaped tile is the perfect choice if you are looking for something with a rustic but sleek look. Made with aluminum, this leaf-shaped mosaic has a peculiar design which is great for the home decoration surrounding the entrance of your house or general sitting area. Made


metal mosaic tiles

The GAUDI features a spectacular and artistic design of aluminum mosaic tile. Decorate your home with this pieced mosaic tile pieced from floor to ceiling with the light from your tiles making it cinematic and artistic. This leaf-shaped tile is design with aluminum and comes with a ceramic base for a sleek and lighter feel as compared to steel tile. This amazing 3d brushed finished ceramic basement aluminum metal mosaic tile is perfect for home backdrops and kitchen back-splash.

Embellish a home with aluminum mosaic tiles. They give a new fresh look to an existing room and you get to explore different shapes and styles. The aluminum leaf shaped tile is one of the many beautiful designs created by GAUDI which gives a modern look to a room. Add fresh aesthetic to a kitchen or a bathroom with these little tiles from the popular Spanish Architect.

IronCube designs extraordinarily beautiful and extraordinary metal basement tiles. These tiles offer a fantastic fixation and avoid any unnecessary movements. This design is also resistant to humidity and offers a much lower rate to stay in good condition. Spring it in the kitchen, in the living room or in any other room of your house and you will appreciate the timeless beauty and classic beauty in these beautiful and eye-catching art cubes. Fill the empty areas in your house with this Spanish atmosphere and decorate in style

Gaudi presents a spectacular and artistic design of aluminum mosaic tiles. Redecorate your home with Art cube 3d brushed finish ceramic basement aluminum metal mosaic tile. These tiles are perfect for background walls and backsplash. These are sleeker and lighter in weight as compared to steel tiles. It is designed with aluminum and comes with a ceramic base. Sold here in leaf shape, the aluminum mosaic tile looks great in any kind of environment.

Gaudi presents a spectacular and artistic design of metal mosaic tiles which come in a brushed finish ceramic base for a sleeker, lighter tile. They are a perfect background for any home and are 3D cubes for a more vibrant and realistic design. The tiles are not as heavy as steel, making them perfect for those who may have used to walk up and down stairs often. This is the perfect top choice for those not wanting as much as a steel, flooring as well as those that

Our metal mosaic tiles are made for backsplashes and greater durability. You will receive a seamless design of aluminum and aluminum foil mosaic tiles that one will love. Not only does this tile have a brushed finish, but is a metal tile that is durable, lightweight and sleek. You can avail a leaf-shaped metal mosaic tile that is great for both exterior and interior use depending on the project you may have. Why not stop by GAUDI today to be our guest?