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What are the Benefits of Installing Raised Floors (OA Floors) in Your Office?

2022/5/25 18:13:59

Office network environments are rapidly developing. It is essential for an office to build a new wiring system for complex wiring processing and to create space for patch panels, server racks, etc. Here, for companies considering office relocation or layout changes, we will explain the merits of laying an OA floor, the type of raised floor, how to choose, etc. Please use it as a reference for creating an office where you can work comfortably.

Low Profile Raised Floor System.jpg

1. What is an OA (Office Automation) Floor?

OA floor is a specification that makes the floor of an office double-structured, and OA is an abbreviation for office automation. A "raised floor" with panels arranged about 30 to 100 mm above the original floor is installed, and LAN cables, power cords, telephone wires, etc. are passed through the gap between the two floors. The OA floor is also called the "free access floor".

2. Benefits of using Raised Floors

Raised floors offer the following three benefits in terms of functionality and layout:

Office Design

By laying raised floors, you can hide cables and telephone lines that tend to clutter the space. In addition, if there is no obstructive wiring on the floor, the degree of freedom in selecting equipment and furniture will increase, and it will be possible to create an office that emphasizes design and interior.

Office Safety

If the wiring is exposed on the floor, there is a risk of tripping over the wiring and falling. In addition to injuring people, if the wiring is disconnected, the data being worked on may be damaged or the equipment may malfunction. It can cause great loss, such as corruption of important business-related data. Consider raised floors to protect your employees and your company.

Creating a Comfortable Working Environment

On the raised floor, employees can move around smoothly without worrying about wiring and can consider the layout without worrying about the position of wiring. Create a comfortable working environment by deciding the layout of equipment, furniture, and wiring while emphasizing the flow lines and work efficiency of employees.