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Ideal Flooring For Hotel Different Areas | Hotel Floor Selection Guide

2022/7/21 18:10:28

Specifying flooring for hotels can be a big challenge due to the variety of coatings available on the market. The choice of the most suitable floor will depend on several factors, such as the place of application, the type of traffic, the ways of use, and the final objective of the installation. Do you want to know more about the ideal apartments for the hotel sector? Accompany our article:

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What is The Ideal Flooring For Hotels?

Imagine how great it would be to travel and stay in a room that surprises your senses, that offers you a comfort superior to that of your own home and that is decorated with a floor at the same time beautiful and functional. That's exactly what guests expect when they book a hotel suite.

If you want to offer comfort, beauty, thermoacoustic properties, ease of cleaning, mechanical resistance and durability, AccessFloorStore has the ideal options for your project, with a perfect floor for each environment.

Hospitality Sector: Floor Covering Selection Criteria

Evaluating all the performance and aesthetic characteristics of each type of flooring is essential to be able to orient oneself among the various proposals offered by the market and find the right solution to meet the customer's needs. 

Design and functionality are two fundamental characteristics when it comes to flooring for the hospitality industry. They also play an important role in choosing a flooring:

  • the size of the surface to be paved;

  • its intended use;

  • ease of maintenance;

  • the cleanability of surfaces;

  • the contribution made by the floor in shaping the atmosphere of the environment in which it is inserted.

The selection criteria just stated are not valid exclusively for the hospitality sector; in fact, these are "universal" criteria to be taken into account whenever you are struggling with the choice of a type of flooring, whether it is intended for the home, office, commercial space or outdoor space.

Main Types Of Flooring For Hospitality Environments

Carpet flooring, ceramics, resilient coatings, and wooden or natural stone floors are certainly the most appreciated types in hospitality environments. However, the widespread trend of interior design to the use of continuous surfaces in coatings, such as resin or microcement, has increasingly involved this sector as well. Resins and micro cement make it possible to create homogeneous surfaces, free of joints and totally customizable, ideal for all environments that aim to create minimal and contemporary atmospheres.

Now let's see the main characteristics of each type of finish, inviting the reader to open the numerous insights reported in the text through hyperlinks.

Carpet Floors - No Doubt For Comfortable Surfaces

Widely used in the past, the carpet was par excellence the material suitable for covering the surfaces of hotels. A material is synonymous with elegance, soft to the touch, and with high performance in terms of sound absorption and thermal insulation. Over time, carpeting has been replaced in favor of smoother flooring that would make it easier to detect and remove dust and dirt. Today, technological developments in the sector have made textile flooring much safer and more hypoallergenic, therefore ideal for their widespread return to places of hospitality and residence.

An innovative alternative to carpeting is the flocked floor. It is a particular type of "hybrid" flooring that, thanks to the process of flocking with the electrostatic method of the fibers, offers to touch a surface with a velvety effect. The flocked floors, thanks to their structure made of millions of nylon fibers perfectly arranged vertically, capture fine dust and allergenic agents that are however released with extreme ease during ordinary cleaning operations. Flocked floors are also fireproof, waterproof, and stain-resistant. Their use in the context of floors for hotels, residences, and restaurants is certainly an option not to be underestimated, able to combine the elegance and advantages of carpet with the best characteristics of resilient floors.

Resilient Floors - Solution In Case Of Renovation

Thin, light, self-laying, shapeable, waterproof, comfortable to the touch, sound-absorbing, hygienic, non-slip, recyclable and durable; here are some of the features that push you to choose a resilient flooring to be installed in environments intended for hospitality.

Resilient floors are made up of three families: PVC floors, Linoleum floors and rubber floors:

For several years, PVC flooring has been highly valued in the hospitality industry. In fact, in accommodation facilities it is very easy to find polyvinyl chloride (PVC) floors.

A qualitatively higher evolution of PVC floors are the LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) flooring. These are floors that, thanks to the technology of digital printing, reproduce textures that perfectly imitate other types of materials - such as marble, parquet, ceramics, etc. or allow the creation of graphics with a personalized design.

Laying LVT coatings, or PVC, can be glued or floating. This type of flooring is an excellent solution in case of redevelopment of the existing flooring as it allows quick restoration of the surface. In addition, it should not be forgotten its simplicity of maintenance and its contribution in terms of sound absorption. The high strength of the material means that LVT floors can also be used in areas subject to high footfall such as hotel lobbies, restaurant,s and bar areas.

Porcelain/Ceramic Flooring - Durable, Healthy, and Beautiful

Porcelain and Ceramic floor is undoubtedly one of the most widely used materials by the hospitality industry. There are many reasons for this. It is a highly resistant material, easily cleanable, and healthy because it counteracts the growth of fungi and microorganisms. Thanks to the technological evolution of the sector, it is now possible to recreate custom textures and graphics as well as to produce large-format slabs that are increasingly appreciated in interior design.

There are no limits to the installation of ceramic flooring in hospitality environments. To design beautiful and durable outdoor spaces, designers choose porcelain stoneware outdoor tiles also in continuity with the flooring chosen to cover the interiors. Regarding the use of porcelain and ceramic tile in the hospitality industry, we do not dwell further, which is why we invite you to read the dedicated in-depth analysis available on our portal.

Wooden Flooring - Perfect Balance Between Elegance And Comfort

Choosing to install a wooden floor allows you to give a touch of elegance and refinement to the environment. The parquet is in fact able to give guests a feeling of warmth, cleanliness, and attention to detail as it creates comfortable, welcoming, and intimate environments.

If placed in the relaxation area, or in the restaurant area, and in the environment, there are large windows that look towards the landscape, the parquet certainly gives a sense of peace and continuity with nature itself. The wooden floors also guarantee good thermal and acoustic insulation, giving the guest a pleasant feeling to the touch and trampling. The wood essences are many and it is therefore good, since it is a delicate material, to check every single performance.

The parquet in the hotel can be installed in different environments such as the hall, the relaxation areas, in the restaurant area, in the rooms, and even in the wet areas of the SPA, in the latter case obviously with the appropriate precautions.

In the hospitality sector, ample space is given to wooden flooring in outdoor areas, especially when it comes to creating, or redeveloping, panoramic terraces or solarium areas surrounded by greenery.

Natural Stone Flooring - Beauty And Prestige For Every Environment

We know that the design of a suite is very refined and original compared to other lower-category hotel rooms. In these environments, natural stone is synonymous with luxury so it is very easy to find precious marbles or exotic stones in the coatings, whether they are on the floor or on the wall.

Not only that, natural stones are widely used in hotel lobbies to attract guests by taking advantage of the luxury appeal of the material. In addition, natural stones are also often used as a coating of wellness areas and swimming pools, indoor and outdoor. To the touch and sight the natural stone transmits a particular feeling of naturalness that invades the environment in which it is inserted. Natural stone is a material widely used also in outdoor areas as it is particularly resistant to atmospheric agents, wear, trampling and vehicular traffic.

Natural stone is beautiful and resistant but fears scratches, especially if the surface is shiny, and stains easily being a porous material; this is why it is good to perform adequate surface treatments to ensure maximum hydro, oil and acid repellent protection against stains and corrosion caused by water, fatty and acidic substances.

Ideal Flooring For Every Area Of The Hotel

After this brief overview of the different types of floors that can be used in environments intended for hospitality, we have understood that the possibilities of choice are really many. To satisfy any type of project, however, it is necessary to carefully evaluate every technical aspect related to the type of coating you choose to use.

Ideal Floors for Lobbies and Reception

Normally, the first impression is the one that counts. And the reception is the most prominent place of a hotel since it is the first environment with which future guest has contact. Therefore, strive in decoration to delight the customer at first sight. The concrete tones of ceramic floor or natural marble floor allow the creation of an elegant environment and a striking style that will give a great first impression.

Ideal Floors for Hotel Rooms

Neutral colors have been shown to give the environment a sense of peace and tranquility. And it's this sense of calm and warmth that we expect to feel in the hotel room. In terms of design, it is important to note that floors can be easily harmonized with headboards, walls, and furniture for a better visual identity. Bet on our commercial carpet flooring line, which offers sober and easily combinable tones, as well as thermal and acoustic comfort that provides the well-being of the home anywhere.

Ideal Floors For Bars And Restaurants 

Hotel bars and restaurants are busy places, with high traffic of people and equipment. For this reason, the floor installed in these places must present high durability, ease of maintenance, and resistance to scratches. It is also very important that it is easy to clean since the presence of remains of drinks and food in these places is common. Our vinyl floor and SPC flooring are ideal for the occasion. In addition to having all the features mentioned above, it is available in new formats that promote unusual combinations with other decorations.

Ideal Floors For for Gyms and Fitness Spaces 

Many hotels have fitness spaces dedicated to guests who do not stop worrying about their health and well-being even when traveling. In these places, enthusiasm and relaxation must go hand in hand and be in balance. Therefore, choose floors that are impact-resistant and promote better air quality and greater comfort during exercises, such as the commercial vinyl floor line, which has a wide variety of designs and shapes.