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Hotel Carpet Electrostatic Solutions: Physical/Chemical Anti-Static Methods & Antistatic Carpets

2022/10/20 21:40:36

Hotel carpets in spring always generate a lot of static electricity, and this static electricity will be released when people touch metal objects such as door handles (that is, when they touch metal objects, there will be a popping sound). The generation of this discharge phenomenon will give people a feeling of electric shock. And this kind of electric shock will not only cause certain harm to the human body but also cause damage to various electrical appliances in the room if the single discharge is too large or discharged for a long time.

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Hotel Carpet Anti-Static Solutions

Can this hotel carpet static electricity problem be solved? The answer is yes, and there is more than one solution, but the whole can be divided into physical anti-static and chemical anti-static.

 1.     Physical Anti-Static Method

The so-called physical anti-static method is actually well understood. Everyone knows that electricity is fluid, and it will be conducted in the direction of the conductor. Therefore, we can use the fiber material with conductive properties to remove the static electricity generated on the hotel carpet. It is enough to conduct the wire directly to the ground through the physical principle. So far, the carpet conductive filaments used by various carpet manufacturers are generally carbon filaments, because carbon filaments can still have high conductivity even when they are very thin and soft. The biggest advantage of physical anti-static is that the carpet can be permanently anti-static, but because this method is complex and will increase the cost of raw materials, the price of the carpet will also be high.

 2.     Chemical Anti-Static Method

The chemical anti-static method is the mainstream carpet anti-static method currently used by various carpet manufacturers. Because it just sprays a layer of coating on the surface of the hotel carpet that can conduct electricity or suppress static electricity. The biggest disadvantage of this method is that it cannot be used for a long time. Generally, it needs to be sprayed again in 3-6 months. But the advantage is also very obvious, that is, the price of the carpet is cheap, and it is almost negligible in the production cost of the entire hotel carpet, so as an anti-static carpet, this method is not the best, because it cannot be done once and for all.

3.     Anti-Static Commercial Carpets

Anti-static commercial carpet is made by mixing a certain amount of conductive fibers into it. Generally, the most widely used conductive fibers are stainless steel fibers, carbon fibers and composite fibers. In particular, composite fibers are being rapidly promoted abroad with their excellent properties. For example, the anti-static nylon carpet yarn, which is widely used in Europe, America and Japan, is a composite yarn made of nylon filament and conductive fiber. In order to improve the anti-static performance of anti-static carpets, it is required that while the anti-static carpet fibers use conductive fibers, the backing cloth should also be anti-static, which is more necessary for cutting fleece chemical fiber carpets. For this purpose, carbon fibers can be mixed with the carpet's backing adhesive. It is also possible to apply 2%-30% surfactant on the back of the anti-static carpet, while distributing conductive fibers with a resistivity of 10 to the 6th power ohm to 10 to 2 power ohms with a resistivity of 10 or less in it.

The anti-static carpet made by the above process has good anti-static performance even at low relative humidity (RH below 40%), and also solves the problem of ordinary chemical fiber carpet absorbing dust, which can meet the paving requirements of the electronic computer room.

Scope of application: not only used in computer rooms, high-level office buildings, science and technology parks, factories and other places, but also in airport terminals, restaurants, dock waiting halls, stations, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, nurseries, theaters, families and other places are widely used.

Anti-Static Commercial Carpets Have The Following Characteristics:

1. Sound insulation (anti-static carpet tight and breathable structure, can absorb and isolate sound waves.

2. Anti-static (composite backing has strong water resistance, wear-resistant flame retardant and anti-static.

3. Improve air quality (the pile on the surface of the carpet has a certain adsorption and can adsorb dust particles.

4. Safety (This anti-static carpet is a soft paving material, the surface is rough and non-slip.

5. Artistic beautification (with rich patterns, brilliant colors, diversified shapes, can beautify your decorative environment.

6. Harmless (no radiation, will not emit formaldehyde and other harmful gases, to meet various environmental protection requirements.

7. Anti-moisture and insect station (the production is encrypted and thickened to resist moisture and prevent insects and ants.