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Advantages and Tips for Installing Rubber Floor Tiles In Auto Repair, Car Workshop & Garage | Rubber Flooring

2022/11/28 19:28:24

Rubber flooring has become an increasingly popular option for flooring outdoor and indoor spaces, including vehicles, workshops, and garages. This type of flooring is pleasing to the eye and easy to maintain.

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The rubber floor has anti-slip and insulating properties to offer greater safety in those areas that need extra stability. 

Features & Advantages of Rubber Flooring 

Rubber floorings are common in gyms and sports areas, swimming pools, schools, airports or children's playgrounds, among others. Rubber, the main material from which they are made, is obtained from a milky substance called latex. This material is environmentally friendly, easy to reuse, and has a low level of toxicity. 

At the industrial level, rubber has many uses, including the manufacture of tires, pipes and, of course, flooring. At the technical level, it resists shocks and burns very well. Rubber is comfortable to the touch and has a high acoustic insulation capacity that is practically total against impact noise. This makes it an ideal material for use in areas such as machine shops, where the acoustic impact of falling tools and traffic is often high. Rubber is also a very abrasion-resistant material, and its durability is considered to be high. 

On the other hand, rubber floorings are antistatic, i.e. they protect users from electric shocks. This fact makes rubber flooring the most common flooring for vehicle interiors. 

Rubber car flooring is made of top-quality rubber, waterproof, and resistant to temperature changes and chemicals (gasoline, oil, etc.). It is usually easy to clean and its durability is high. All these characteristics are summarized in a high anti-skid and anti-humidity capacity that allows them to effectively protect the vehicle in which they are installed. It is precisely this stability that prevents shopping, wet pet paws, tools, and other items from skidding on the rubber car floor and destroying the upholstery of the trunk.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Rubber Floorings

Rubber car floors absorb impacts well, resist bacterial growth, prevent slipping, and, in general, require less care than other floorings, but that does not mean that we should not apply specific care. 

Periodic cleaning is recommended. In the rubber flooring for cars, we recommend vacuuming to remove dirt and debris and pass a damp mop with a mild detergent product avoiding stronger chemicals such as bleach or solvent. If the surface is very dirty it will have to be cleaned by hand. 

In general, lines to protect the rubber floor of cars we must follow these three advice: 

  • Place mats or pads. So that users can rub their feet avoiding that sand or mud being deposited on the floor. 

  • Clean up spills. Although rubber flooring is resistant to liquids, excessive contact with water can cause the adhesive to peel off. It is especially important to clean up spills of grease, coffee or products that react with the surface.  

  • Do not use chemicals. Alkaline products and waxes can cause changes in the appearance of rubber flooring. It is best to clean with mild or neutral detergents. 

  • In outdoor areas such as playgrounds and sports areas, pressurized water machines mixed with soap are often used to clean rubber floors. In this case, it is very important to check that the water flow from the hose is sufficiently atomized and not stick too much to the floor. 

Benefits of Using Rubber Flooring in Car Garages

The mechanical properties of rubber flooring make it the best choice for paving garages and car workshops. This type of flooring is especially resistant to constant traffic and supports the weight of vehicles, vans, and machinery. In addition, it is not damaged by contact with oils and chemicals.

But, without a doubt, the main characteristic of rubber flooring is its insulating capacity. In car workshops, it is common to hear the noise of engines, tools, and people, a noise that can be annoying and very uncomfortable. Rubber floorings allow attenuate resonances and avoid noise pollution, creating a pleasant environment. 

Are you thinking of changing the floor of your workshop or garage? This is what rubber tiles can offer you to make it a safer and more practical place: 

  • Resistance.

  • Quality.

  • Comfort. 

  • Custom design. 

Respect for the environment (our tiles for workshop and garage floors are made from recycled PVC).