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Functional Mark Attached To Carpet Tile Make Your Life More Comfortable

2022/12/25 20:14:52

Carpet tiles are square carpets measuring 40 x 40 cm or 50 x 50 cm. It is a flooring material that uses small square carpets of the same color or a combination of various colors on the floor.

Carpet Tile.png

Unlike conventional carpets that cover a large area with just one piece, Carpet Tiles are easy for women and children to handle. And even if it gets dirty, you can remove only one dirty piece and wash it with water, which has various charms. This time, we will introduce various functions that are provided in such a convenient Carpet Tile that are useful for your life!


Deodorant Effect On Deodorize Cigarette Odors And Daily Life Odors

This carpet tile with the "Airfine" mark adsorbs not only ammonia, acetic acid, and acetaldehyde, which are the causes of odors such as pet, tobacco, and household odors, but also harmful formaldehyde.

The effect of carpet tile with deodorizing function lasts for a long time, so it keeps the air in your room clean forever.


Stain-Resistant Mark

"Anti-fouling treatment" of Carpet Tile is a treatment that makes it difficult for dirt to stick to it using fluorine resin. The Carpet Tile with antifouling function has water and oil repellency on the surface to prevent stains, so it is difficult to stain even if water is spilled, and it is easy to clean. You can keep it looking clean.


Sound Insulation Mark

The sound insulation function of the Carpet Tile reduces various impulsive sounds that occur in daily life and mitigates the sounds of daily life that reverberate in the neighborhood and on the floors below.

The reduction performance increases as the grade number increases, and a sound insulation effect that reduces the transmission of sound to the lower floor can be expected. Depending on the grade, the performance is equal to or better than that of tatami mats.

In the case of wooden floors, people on the lower floor can hear the sound of a falling 10-yen coin, and can easily understand the activities of the upper floor. As far as the sound is audible, with a grade of ⊿LL-4, dropping a spoon makes a faintly audible sound.

With the reduction performance of ⊿LL-4, it is possible to reduce impact noise to the extent that people on the lower floors are aware of some of the noise in their daily lives.


There is still more excellent carpet tile function:

Antistatic Mark

"Anti-static mark" attached to curtains and carpets that have a certain anti-static function. It is a uniform mark established by the Japan Interior Fabrics Association (NIF), and has antistatic performance that meets NIF standards. Dry air is the main cause of static electricity, so it's safer to use a humidifier or spray a commercially available anti-static spray in the room, especially in winter.


Anti-Mite Processing Mark

Carpet tiles with the "Anti-mite mark" are treated to prevent the breeding of mites. For example, Toli's residential carpet uses a chemical that inhibits the growth of dust mites, which was selected as a safer chemical for environments with small children and pets. is used. The target was house dust mites, which are thought to be the cause of asthma and allergic rhinitis among many mites.

Of course, there is no problem with the safety test. It is a function that can be used with peace of mind, as there was almost no effect on the toxicity when inhaled and the reaction when touching the skin for a long time.


No Loose Hair Mark

By using a filament yarn consisting of a continuous single long fiber, the "no loose hair mark" is attached to the carpet which eliminates loose hair. Playful hair is the dust-like fluff that separates from the main body of the carpet and comes out. It is often seen in cut pile carpets that use spun yarn (staple) such as acrylic and wool.

It is easy to get playful hairs right after you buy them, and they will disappear if you vacuum them carefully many times. In the first place, spun yarn is made by arranging (tabbing) threads of a certain length, twisting them together (twisting them together), and making them into one long thread. The original short thread comes out and becomes playful hair. Acrylic or wool forms this thread.

If you want a Carpet Tile that does not show playful hair from the beginning, choose a Carpet Tile that uses filament yarn with the "no playful hair mark".

This is a thread that is originally made of continuous long fibers. Not only does it not have playful hair like spun yarn, but it also has excellent strength.


Hand Washable Mark

The "hand washable mark" indicates that only the dirty parts can be removed and partially washed by hand. Remove the Carpet Tile from the floor when washing. Wash in a bathroom with water, a sponge or a soft brush with water mixed with a little neutral detergent.

If a part of the floor is heavily soiled with solids, wipe it off with a spoon or tissue paper to a certain extent. Be careful not to scrub too hard with a sponge, as this will damage the pile (fabric flooring bristles).

Rinse thoroughly with clean water so that no detergent remains. The backing can be wet, but do not get it too wet so that it dries quickly. Insufficient rinsing may reduce the adsorption effect and make it slippery. After hand washing, please make sure to dry it thoroughly in the shade.


Floor Heating Compatible Mark 

The "Floor Heating Compatible Mark" indicates that the carpet tile can be used as a finishing material for floor heating. This mark indicates that the carpet tile can be used over floor heating. It is important to note that some floor heating manufacturers prohibit the use of carpets on top of the floor heating. Please check the instruction manual of the floor heating manufacturer.


Low Carbon Product Mark

It is a product certified by the manufacturer as contributing to the realization of a low-carbon society. The carpet tile sold by AccessFloorStore.Com is a low-carbon product that is environmentally friendly.

Our Carpet Tiles are working to double the life of the Carpet Tile itself by recycling waste materials and reusing them as recycled Carpet Tiles, as well as using a maintenance system to extend the life of the Carpet Tile itself.


Household Walking Mark

This is a mark related to the durability of carpets. The Walking Mark ranks the durability of each product based on a comprehensive evaluation of product standards and data on sagging resistance, static load resistance, and abrasion resistance. The mark for household use is suitable for use in residences. In addition to the Home Use Mark, there is also a "Commercial Walking Mark" for carpets that can be used in offices, schools, hospitals, and commercial facilities such as airports and department stores.


This time, we introduced various functional marks on Carpet Tiles. If you are going to lay a Carpet Tile in your home, please try to make your daily life more comfortable by laying a Carpet Tile that is not only stylish but also functional!