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Aluminum Grate Raised Floor
Aluminum Grate Raised Floor

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The utility model belongs to the technical field of airflow access flooring systems, and relates to a high-pressure cast aluminum ventilation floor.

Aluminum Gate Raised Floor - Alumium Perforated Access Floor

The ventilated floor is similar to the traditional upholstered air conditioning system. The main difference of the ventilated floor is that it is ventilated from the lower space of the floor; different local climatic environments can be formed in the same large space; the indoor airflow is distributed from the floor to the ceiling. Aluminum raised flooring is completely made of aluminum alloy under negative pressure, which combines the corrosion resistance and high strength of the aluminum alloy. It has the characteristics of high dimensional accuracy, good electrical conductivity, good fire resistance, anti-magnetic, and non-deformation. The performance is extremely stable, but the maintenance cost is large, and the labor intensity during maintenance is large, which is easy to damages the stability of the bottom support system of the floor, and requires professional personnel to operate. If you want the best solution for your clean room, order the 1250LBS Aluminum Raised Foor from HUIYA!

Aluminum Perforated Raised Floor System

Technical Realization Elements

Aluminum grate raised flooring: The utility model provides a high-pressure cast aluminum ventilation floor, which solves the technical problem that the maintenance cost in the prior art is large, the labor intensity during maintenance is large, and the professional is required to operate. 

The Technical Solution of The Utility Model Is Realized as Follows: 

  • A high-pressure cast aluminum ventilated floor comprising a bracket and a panel block disposed on the bracket, and a stringer is disposed between the panel block and the bracket 

  • The panel block includes a frame, and the frame is provided with a ventilation plate, and the frame is disposed on the stringer. 

  • The inside of the frame is provided with a pallet, the pallet and the frame are both a letter-shaped frame, the ventilation plate is disposed on the pallet, and an air volume adjusting plate is disposed below the ventilation panel, The air volume adjusting plate is connected to the air vent plate through a connecting rod, the connecting rod is rotatably connected to the venting plate, and the air volume adjusting plate is screwed to the connecting rod, 

  • The ventilation plate and the air volume adjusting plate are respectively provided with a first ventilation hole and a second ventilation hole, and the first ventilation hole and the second ventilation hole are alternately arranged. 

  • A limiting rod is disposed on the pallet, and the air volume adjusting plate is provided with a limiting hole, and the limiting rod extends downward through the limiting hole. 

As a further technical solution, a central portion of the ventilation plate is provided with a groove, a center of the groove is provided with a through hole, the connecting rod includes a rod body, and a top hat is disposed at the top of the rod body, and the top hat is disposed at the In the groove, the rod body is disposed in the through hole, the rod body is a threaded rod, and a cap is disposed above the top hat.