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Aluminum Raised Floor
Aluminum Raised Floor

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Aluminum raised floor systems is made of high-quality aluminum ingots, which are molded at one time, and the surface of the floor will be covered with anti-static veneers. The aluminum alloy itself is a kind of non-flammable non-combustible metal material, which has a strong advantage in the anti-static property of the anti-static floor of the aluminum alloy. On the other hand, the anti-static floor of aluminum alloy also has a high recycling value, and can be refurbished and reused. Since the aluminum alloy antistatic floor is made of aluminum alloy material and then machined, it has great advantages in dimensional accuracy.

The advantages of Aluminum raised floor systemsr are embodied in: the best substrate in anti-static floor series products, with excellent anti-static function, the best choice for high-level clean workshops of more than 100 levels. Super load bearing capacity, concentrated load up to 2T, high load, low deformation. The waterproof rating is up to A1 (non-combustible). Scientific and reasonable design, high precision of production. Surrounding support, integrated structure, easy to use material cutting, high installation efficiency. High-grade environmental protection, products can be recycled and recycled, and no depreciation.

Compared with wooden flooring, the biggest advantage of Aluminum raised floor systems is that the base will not be deformed by water immersion, water will not corrode it, and it will last longer than wooden. Secondly, it has a wide range of adaptations, and can be applied to the program-controlled computer room of the telecommunications, microelectronics, power electronics, medical and other industries, and the clean room of the computer room.