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Anti Static ESD Control Raised Floor
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Anti Static ESD Control Raised Floor

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anti static ESD control raised flooring

In the electronics industry, ESD is becoming a hot technology, ESD control has become an independent profession, and the development of anti-static devices has become a fast-growing field. Electrostatic test equipment, static protection equipment, anti-ESD products and ESD technology service providers are classified into one category. Even so, the dangers of ESD cannot be completely eliminated. After all, ESD work runs through the entire life cycle of the product. In the use and maintenance of the computer, the maintenance awareness should also be fostered and appropriate precautions should be taken.anti static ESD control raised flooring

1. It is best to install an anti-static floor in the computer room, and the computer case needs to be reliably grounded. For the shielding and grounding of the chassis, two points should be noted: (1) All parts of the chassis should be in good contact. Otherwise, the part that is not connected to the ground will lose its shielding effect; (2) If the building has no ground wire, it needs to be self-made. Ground wire. In recent years, newly built buildings usually have a ground wire that conforms to the standard. When the circuit is constructed, the fire line, the neutral line and the ground line must be connected to the correct position on the socket or the plug according to the power distribution specification.anti static ESD control raised flooring

2. In the northern region, humidifiers should be used in the autumn and winter seasons to maintain a certain humidity in the indoor air to prevent static electricity from accumulating in equipment, furniture and the body.anti static ESD control raised flooring

3. During the transportation and storage process, the whole computer or parts should be placed in an electrostatic shielding bag or a conductive tote for transportation to prevent the integrated circuit chip from being electrostatically broken down.anti static ESD control raised flooring

4. During use and maintenance, when touching any circuit in the computer, remember to touch the metal case first to release static electricity from your body. Professionals generally have this habit, but the standard practice is to wear an anti-static wristband.

5, computer maintenance, maintenance personnel to carry out maintenance, should be equipped with anti-static work mats, anti-static gloves, measuring instruments, soldering iron and other direct contact and circuit tools and equipment should be grounded to prevent static electricity or leakage damage to the computer chip.anti static ESD control raised flooring

How to control human body static electricity (human body static protection)?

The human body is the most common source of electrostatic hazards. For static electricity, the human body is a conductor, so it is possible to take measures to ground the human body.

1. Use anti-static floor / anti-static shoes / socks (static from the foot to the ground)

Wear anti-static ground, floor mats and carpets through the feet, and put on anti-static footwear to form a combined ground.anti static ESD control raised flooring

2. Wear an anti-static wrist strap and ground it (static electricity from the hand to the ground)

Use your hands to vent static electricity from your body. It consists of anti-static elastic band, movable snap button, spring cord. Protective resistor and plug or collet. The inner layer of the elastic band is woven with an antistatic yarn, and the outer layer is woven with ordinary yarn.