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Anti Static Galvanized Steel Raised Floor

Anti Static Galvanized Steel Raised Floor


Anti Static Galvanized Steel Raised Floor

With the improvement of people's living standards and the rapid development of the real estate industry, the use of Anti Static Galvanized Steel Access Floor panels in the construction of computer rooms and other specialized areas have gradually entered. Galvanized steel raised flooring occupies an extremely important position in the construction of the machine room, as the effect of static electricity on computer equipment is very serious and the appearance of anti-static flooring has solved this problem very well. It is relatively simple to install, and it can provide greater flexibility for future device configuration changes and expansions. The equipment inside the machine room can be freely connected under the antistatic galvanized steel floor for easy laying and maintenance, which can make the machine room more clean and beautiful. It can protect a variety of cables, wires, data lines and sockets from damage. The machine room can use the underfloor space as the static air pressure of the air conditioner. Conducive to the cleaning and maintenance of the equipment. It can eliminate the danger of cable exposure to the human body. It is very necessary to use anti-static electric boards in the equipment room.

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HuiYa Anti-Static Galvanized Steel Access Flooring System

As one of the largest access flooring system manufacturers and exporters in china, Changzhou Huiya Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. is a leading professional supplier for high-quality Anti-Static Galvanized Steel Raised Floor for a construction project at competitive price, with the best quality, fastest delivery, and excellent coordinated process service! Our factory has a high-quality full-Azimuth management team, raised flooring design & manufacturing, strict quality inspection, one-stop Anti Static Galvanized Steel Floor OEM service. We can design and manufacture Anti Static Galvanized Steel Floor and in customized shapes per client's requirements.

HuiYa Anti Static Galvanized Steel Raised Flooring Details

  • Structure: Calcium sulfate core, tile surface, galvanized steel bottom, four sides edge trims.

  • Material Type: Galvanized Steel & Calcium Sulfate

  • Size: 600mm*600mm*32mm

  • Surface Standard Height: 100mm-1000mm, other height can be customized

  • Covering of Panel: HPL (High press laminates), PVC

  • Related Auxiliary Raised Floor Accessories: Panel, Angle, L-Trim, Suction Cup Lifter, Grommets, Threshold, Electric Boxes, etc

  • Certificate: ISO9001, ISO14001, MOB, CE, CISCA, GMC.

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It is mainly used for all requirements that anti-static, high loading ability, better pavement performance high-end applications, such as banks, telecommunication rooms, intelligent office, upscale computer rooms, military command centers and other industries program-controlled room, etc.

Benefits & Advantages

  • Substrate purity> 85%, has reached international standards

  • Can be used in high-demand computer rooms, data centers and etc

  • Environmentally friendly, waterproof, fireproof, rustproof

  • Excellent loading ability, better flatness, durable

  • Better stability in the environment of different temperature and humidity

  • Simple structure, flexible installation meets various requirements of wiring

  • Profitable Anti Static Galvanized Steel Flooring OEM service and cost-saving program offered































Watch the below video to take a preview of Huiya Galvanized All-Steel Raised Floor:

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