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Anti Static Nature Wood Raised Floor
Anti Static Nature Wood Raised Floor

Sell Type: International business

Product Attributes:

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Anti static nature wood raised flooring


Email:[email protected] 

WeChat / WhatsApp / Telephone Number:+86 18015888208


Type: FS1000LB

Concentrated?4498N  impact load?670N   Ultimate Load?13494N

Uniform load?23294N/m2 

Its base material is high-density chipboard; its surface employs HPL of PVC tiles; its under surface zinxing steel plates and its edges bonded with black conductive PVC. Its bottom employs superior zincing steel plates. 

High bearing capacity; high impact resistance; grade a fireproofing; high stability; environment friendly.

High surface evenness and accuracy of dimension; arbitrary inter-convertibility.

Excellent flame retardant, heat insulation, sound proofing and anti-corrosion.

Neat and elegant appearance, high decorativeness, and comfortable when walking. 

Suitable for all kinds of anti-static requirements, load-bearing requirements, paving effect requirements are very high-end occasions, such as banks, telecommunications rooms, high-end computer rooms of enterprises and institutions. Mainly used in large computer room, communication center computer room, various electrical control room, post and telecommunications hub and command center. According to the required carrying capacity, it is generally divided into light, medium, heavy and super heavy steel plates, which are subjected to pressures of 700 lbs, 1000 lbs and 1,250 lbs respectively.