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Anti Static Porcelain Raised Floor
Anti Static Porcelain Raised Floor

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Anti static porcelain  raised flooring 

Anti static porcelain  raised flooring is the use of high-tech production at high temperature in an inorganic anti-static ultra-fine ceramic material penetrates into the interior, and then after 1360 ? high temperature firing.

Key performance indicators:
Conductivity: surface resistivity 106 ~ 109O
Volume resistivity of 107 ~ 1010O / cm
Resistance pyrotechnic performance: not less than 1600 ?
Resistance to extreme cold or heat: 15 ? -105 ?,
After 10 thermal cycles without significant acute crack
Wear: 0.1 / 1000 rpm
Water absorption: <0.5%
Flexural strength: average value of not less than 27Mpa
Warp: ± 0.5%
Floor Size: 600 × 600 × 10mm

1, Anti static porcelain  raised flooring without environmental impact, the species has a permanent, stable anti-static properties,
2, excellent heat resistance, high temperature up to 1360 ? conductivity unchanged.
3, wear, corrosion, acid, oil-resistant, flame retardant, anti-penetration is unmatched by other materials.
4, ceramic texture, never aging.
5, Anti static porcelain raised flooring is non-toxic, tasteless, no radiation, is a green product.
6, varieties may be arbitrarily selected.
7, rounds of small amount of dust, and caulking used in conjunction with a higher level to meet the environmental requirements Jiejing.
8, construction convenient and suitable for use in a variety of new and old buildings.
The ceramic products through national quality inspection center; Ordnance Industry electrostatic detection center; Ministry of electrostatic detection quality inspection center, reached the national standard.


Anti static porcelain  raised flooring is widely used in control rooms, converter rooms, electronics manufacturing factory, clean rooms and telecommunications rooms. 


Anti static porcelain  raised flooring mainly consists of the anti-static ceramic-based tile (polished tile) and the steel sheet which is manufactured by special tec-hnology. It has mechanical characteristics of anti-static, stable performance wearing and corrosion resisting, dust-free, strong dirt resisting and Grade A fire protection. In addition, it has features of simple construction, reasonable price and better decorative effect, theref-ore it is widely used in places where purification and anti-static are needed such as computer room, communication room and commander center etc.

Material: Anti static porcelain  raised flooring  adopt advanced technology and material combine with ceramics technology.