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Anti-static Raised Floor Panel
Anti-static Raised Floor Panel

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Anti-static raised flooring, also known as dissipative static floor, is a kind of floor that allows the charge to be dissipated when it is grounded or connected to any lower potential point, with a resistance of 10 to 5 to 9 ohms. The feature is between. "GB50174-2008 Electronic Information System Room Design Specification", page 20, section 8.3.1, specifies that the surface resistance or volume resistance of the anti-static floor or floor should be 2.5×104~1.0×109O.

The anti-static raised floor technology of the computer room is part of the security and protection of the computer room. The problem caused by static electricity is not only difficult for hardware personnel to detect, but sometimes it causes software personnel to mistakenly think that it is a software failure, which causes work confusion. In addition, when static electricity is discharged through a human body to a computer or other device (so-called fire), when the energy reaches a certain level, it also gives people a feeling of electric shock (for example, when sometimes touching a computer monitor or a chassis)
Note: After the anti-static floor is laid, it must be grounded with anti-static grounding and connected to protect the resistance box, otherwise it will not be able to prevent static electricity.