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Carpet Office Raised Floor
Carpet Office Raised Floor

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Steel bare office raised flooring


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Structural features of OA500 network floor riveting type

2.1. The connection between the upper panel and the lower floor of the floor adopts a rivet-type riveted structure, and the edges are free of burrs, which improves the edge strength of the panel surface and increases the adhesion of the edge coating.

2.2. Adopting die-cast aluminum bracket, the strength and stability are good, which is conducive to the improvement of the flatness of the floor surface.

2.3, the four corners of the panel are connected with the bracket by M6 screws, the positioning accuracy is high, and the board body is stable. Cancel the beam, the structure is simple and easy to install.

2.4, the rivet-type outlet hole OA floor, strengthen the strength of the outlet, and is equipped with a special cast aluminum outlet cover, which is durable. 

OA raised floor is an overhead raised floor specially designed for computer rooms and intelligent office buildings. It has the following performance effects:

1.1. It has the technical performance of all-steel overhead raised floor and has compatibility in variety specifications.

1.2. The distribution slot wiring can be configured in different locations according to the needs of the intelligent office space. The OA floor with the cable outlet can be selected at the outlet, which meets the need for automated office wiring and irregularity.

1.3. The surface of the OA floor is affixed with various colors of antistatic carpet tiles and other materials. The sound absorption is flexible, easy to clean, and reduces the noise in the automated office.