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GRC Inorganic Cement Raised Floor
GRC Inorganic Cement Raised Floor

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grc inorganic cement raised flooring


grc inorganic cement raised flooring is made of silicate, inorganic fiber, mineral fiber, quartz sand, etc, once-molded after high pressure.

The panel has no volatile toxic chemicals and radiation, and can be decomposed complerely. Its service time is the building.

Each panel has hole for wires, four corners supported by pedestals, with no stringers.

Good flatness and solid feeling. Finishes can be laminate flooring, PVC, carpet, etc.


·Full steel encasement and good sealing.

·Constituted by all steel sheet, good loading capacity.

·High dimension accuracy and excellent interchageability.

·Water-proof, fire-proof, antisepsis and sound insulation.

·Elaborated made and good decorative effect.


What is Access Flooring?

Take a look at this office. Are there any cables sticking out of the floor? Does it look easy to adjust or expand the computer systems here?
grc inorganic cement raised flooring stores the large amounts of cables needed for computers and office equipment, creates a safe and comfortable atmosphere, and makes it easy for people in the office to change cabling around all on their own.

Points to Consider about Access Flooring

Point 1: Comfortability

Does the floor rattle or creak? 
The quality of an office is determined by its flooring. So it's important to choose flooring that is comfortable to walk on, flooring that won't ever rattle. A few years after access flooring has been installed, it is common for floors to begin rattling or creaking. That's why good selection is essential. From our experience replacing access flooring, we have found that the number one cause of floor replacement was panel rattling.

Point 2: Load Resistance and Impact Endurance

Where and how well can the floor withstand impact? 
In order to see if the access floor can do things like support heavy objects and movable archives, it will be important to first verify the strength of the floor.grc inorganic cement raised flooring undergo special, highly-rigorous safety testing that is tougher than normal Japanese standards to ensure that they provide superior safety and durability.

Point 3: Flame and Earthquake Resistance

Is it safe from fires and earthquakes? 
If it has a Japan Public Buildings Association afterflame rating of 0 seconds and showed no issues after undergoing 1G earthquake testing, it would mean that the product is extremely safe from fires, earthquakes, and other disasters. It's also important for the sake of safety to choose a floor that has superior resistance to disasters.

Point 4: Ease of Cable Installation, Cost Savings

Does it look easy to change or add cables? 
The ability for users to add and remove cables and outlets by themselves is a very important point to consider in terms of cost. Having that ability can save companies a lot of money on maintenance.

Point 5: History, Approval from Public Institutions

Does the flooring product have backing that provides peace of mind? 
Does it have a proven history? 
If the product has been continuously used in a large number of projects, that makes it more reliable. And if it has received certifications and approvals from numerous public institutions, that helps to assure its performance.