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GRC Raised Floor
GRC Raised Floor

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GRC Raised Floor, also the Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete raised floor, which is a kind of green environmental protection OA network raised access floor, the GRC floor tiles take cement as the main raw material and mix with strengthened fiber to maintain the superior fire resistance of the materials and increase its bearing capacity. The trend of GRC floor green products are fireproof, waterproof, sound isolation, and excellent load ability.

GRC Raised Access Floor

HuiYa GRC Raised Access Floor System - GRC Concrete Raised Floor & Inorganic Cement Floor

HUIYA is a Chinese leading raised access floor system product supplier, providing high-quality GRC raised access floor manufactured and adapted by Japan formula and technology. Our inorganic cement floor is made of No.42.5 cement,40pcs barbed wire Φ2.5mm, Inorganic fiber, silicate, mineral fiber, quartz sand, etc, once molded after high pressure. It is unnecessary to cover by steel plate and very comfortable when walking on the cement’s ground, the walking feeling is close to the actual concrete floor, which can bring about a down-to-earth feel.

Nichas GRC Raised Floor Structure

Nichas GRC Cement Raised Floor Structure.jpg

Nichas GRC Raised Floor Pedestal

Nichas GRC Raised Floor Pedestal.jpg

Concrete Raised Floor Application

GRC raised access floor is available to install in indoor or outdoor areas, including data center, office buildings, computer room, meeting room, casino, cleanroom, and some exterior applications. 

GRC Access Floor Technical Parameter








Uniform Load

Rolling Load







Huiya GRC Raised Floor Features

  • The GRC access floor panel has no volatile toxic chemicals and radiation, it can be decomposed completely. The service time is the same as the building.

  • Each GRC floor tile comes with threading hole for wires, four corners galvanized base supported by raised floor pedestals with no stringer.

  • Each corner of the floor has a 90-degree arc, four flooring combination formed after a week, there is an aluminum nut fixed angle. Aluminum head with a circular buffer positioning rubber pad, to prevent the ground after the vibration caused by the sound of vibration.

  • The GRC floor finishes can be laminate flooring, PVC, carpet, etc.

  • GRC raised access floor is small in size, light in weight.

Nichas GRC Raised Floor Carpet Installa.jpg

Huiya GRC Concrete Advantages and Benefits

  • Certification: ISO9001, GMC, MOB, CE, CISCA.

  • Good loading capacity, waterproof, fireproof, antisepsis and sound insulation

  • Convenient to install

  • Ventilation structure

  • Flexible wiring

  • Reduce the raised floor system weight on the sub-floor, extend the lifespan.

  • Slim, light, adjustable finish height of the floor.

  • Precise dimension, the inorganic cement floor panels are interchangeable.

  • Environmental friendly and recyclable materials

  • Steady and soft walking feeling.

You can check the following video for GRC raised floor installation details: