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Mipolam Accord EL7
Mipolam Accord EL7

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Static-Dissipative Flooring - Mipolam Accord EL7

Static-Dissipative floor helps by taking the static electricity that builds up naturally in any environment and moving it through the floor to ground. Static-dissipative floor covering Mipolam Accord EL7 is a dissipative flexible homogeneous vinyl floor covering available in both sheet and tile form, calendared and compacted. It’s applicable to general electrostatic protection environments such as computer room, Laboratories, or Mobile Communication Room. This floor covering offers the best performance in the industry with the revolutionary Evercare™ surface treatment: the latest improvements in polyurethane surface treatment obtained by UV laser cross-linking. Evercare™ avoids stain of chemical products used in healthcare like betadine, eosin or anti-bacterial hand gel and increases the durability of the flooring. is a professional supplier of Static-Dissipative flooring/access floor covering, providing Mipolam Accord EL7 and other variety of models, in addition, we can customize the unique size according to your requirements with affordable price, excellent quality. 

HuiYa ESD Dissipative Flooring Mipolam Accord EL7 Features:

  • Palette of 6 semi-directionnal design coordinated to Mipolam Accord range

  • TVOC after 28 days < 10µg/m3 = high indoor air quality

  • ISO 22196 Certified to inhibit the spread of bacteria. Ideal for healthcare installations!

  • Static-Dissipative access floor covering Mipolam Accord EL7 acts as a continuous dissipater 106 ≤ Rt ≤ 108. It has permanent antistatic properties (< 100 V).

  • The product is non-reactive to residual indentation with a value ≤ 0,02 mm.

  • The Static-Dissipative flooring covering Mipolam Accord EL7 is a group P wear rating suitable for heavy duty traffic areas and Bfl-s1 fire resistance.

  • The product is non-emissive of volatile organic compounds with <10 µg/m3 (TVOC after 28 days ISO 16000-6).

What Benefits Our Mipolam Accord EL7 Provides?

  • Suitable for underfloor heating

  • Antistatic

  • Environmentally responsible 

  • Easy maintenance, 

  • No wax for life & high stain resistance


1. Evercare Surface Treatment

2. Homogeneous layer

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3111 Huron

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3113 Manitoba

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3116 Malaren

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3160 Balaton

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3147 Grunsee

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