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Mipolam BioControl EL5
Mipolam BioControl EL5

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Top-Of-The-Range ESD Floor For Cleanrooms

Cleanroom environments are known for the exacting standards used to control contaminants, which should keep no dirt, no particulates, while most contamination in a cleanroom ends up being on the floor. Having a surface which permits a complete removable of particulates is critical. In order to create a totally clean and antistatic purification workshop, Huiya Cleanroom access floor products are designed based on the requirements, featuring Cleanroom ESD floor covering, cleanroom Anti-static floor Mipolam BioControl EL5. 

Cleanroom Anti-static Flooring Mipolam BioControl EL5 -

HuiYa ESD cleanroom flooring Mipolam BioControl EL5 is a high-quality ESD cleanroom flooring specifically designed to GMP-Class A Cleanrooms with ESD Control. We offer various ranges, each with its own specific performance. Huiya cleanroom ESD flooring is not only functional, but it is also aesthetically pleasing in bright, fresh colors. In addition, our cleanroom ESD flooring manufacturer has also developed the best access/raised floor covering series to provide the customized flooring service and designs for your applications.

What Is Special About HuiYa ESD Cleanroom Flooring Mipolam BioControl EL5

  • ESD Control

  • Low impact on production environments

  • Resistance to common damage in clean rooms

  • Easy cleaning & decontamination

  • Antibacterial

  • Low noise

  • Non-pollution

  • High load-bearing capacity and durability

Product construction

  • Static conductive surface treatment

  • Homogeneous static conductive layer with carbon black 

  • Backing treated with carbon black



0354 Blue


0350 Light Grey


0351 Black


0352 Grey


0353 Beige

Documents Download
Mipolam BioControl EL5 - Technical Datasheet

Download the document to view the Technical Data of the high-quality ESD cleanroom flooring - Mipolam BioControl EL5, including thickness, weight, tile size, classification, performances, environment/indoor air quality.