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Mipolam Robust EL7
Mipolam Robust EL7

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Static-dissipative Flooring Mipolam Robust EL7 - ESD Floor Finish

Mipolam Robust EL 7 dissipative flooring(< 2 kV), flexible homogeneous floor coverings available in both sheet and tile form.    

Static-dissipative access floor, as the preferred type favored by the public, not only has many performance advantages in its daily use, but also its wide application meets the needs of different users, so it has obtained broad prospects for development. HuiYa has a great advantage in the development and production of Static-dissipative flooring & covering Mipolam Robust EL 7, it not only introduced advanced technology and equipment, but also made outstanding contributions to the development of the industry by a large number of professional and technical personnel.

Why Choose HuiYa Static-dissipative flooring Mipolam RObust EL7?

Our static-dissipative flooring Mipolam RObust EL7 is a type of flexible homogeneous ESD flooring finishes with permanent anti-static properties, high-quality guaranteed, multiple colors available, can stand out quickly among the various materials, has won a good reputation and evaluation from many users. At present, the Static-dissipative floor covering Mipolam RObust EL7 not only has wear resistance, impact resistance, excellent anti-skid and flame retardancy, but also has super-light and super-thin texture, which has very good bearing capacity and space saving advantages for tall buildings. Moreover, the performance of green environmental protection also makes it stand out quickly among the various choices and becomes the first choice in the floor industry.

HuiYa ESD Floor Covering/Finish Mipolam RObust EL7 Features:

  • Permanent dissipative flooring => 10^6 < R < 10^9.

  • Palette of 9 directional design available in rolls and tiles.

  • TVOC after 28 days < 10µg/m3 > indoor air quality.

  • Calendared and compacted with permanent anti-static properties.

  • Act as a continuous dissipater 106 ≤ Rt ≤ 108 (EN 1081) and comply with EN 649.


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0002 Platinum

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0003 Ivory

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0005 Steel

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0013 Pewter

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0112 Storm

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0306 Green