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Particle Board Nature Wood Raised Floor
Particle Board Nature Wood Raised Floor

Sell Type: International business

Product Attributes:

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Particle board nature wood raised flooring 

Panel Description

30 mm High density Particle board nature wood raised flooring is fully encapsulated with galvanized steel by a special designed side finish that has a safety angle and overlaping 9 mm construction to prevent unlocking. This design improves the egde strength and reducing the edge to edge deflection. Loose laid encapsulated panels have better humidity and fire resistance and load performance than edge banded panels. Loose laid carpet tiles and pvc tiles are used as a finish material.


Panel Specifications

Panel Class: Encapsulated panels

Panel Type: HMD600 

Panel Dimensions: 600 x 600 mm

Panel Thickness: ~ 30 mm 

Top Covering: Galvanized steel

 Bottom Covering: Galvanized steel

Edge: Galvanized steel

Panel Weight: ~ 10,50 kg/panel

System Weight: ~ 30,90 kg/m2

(For height 15-20 cm)

Panel Core: High density chipboard

Fire Reaction: Bfl-s1


Panel Load Values (according to EN 12825)

Working Load: 3,2 kN

Maximum Load: > 6,00 kN

Safety Factor: 2

Panel Load Deflection Class : 2A