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Perforated Airflow Raised Floor
Perforated Airflow Raised Floor

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The standard perforated airflow raised flooring panels to provide for ventilation rates of approximately 25% for cooling and air circulation maintenance. These panels are a good solution for improved airflow and air circulation in most access floor applications. The perforated airflow raised flooring panels to have to be ordered for your specific floor system and are not universally compatible between all floor systems. We can help you determine exactly what perforated panel will fit your existing Raised Access Floor System.

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Perforated airflow raised flooring advantages:

1:Perforated airflow raised flooring can be easily and change the new raised floor when the old one is broken. It can be accessed to the building installations from any place on the raised floor.

2: Perforated airflow raised flooring is saving energy costs in the air-conditioned place such as in data centre.

3: Perforated airflow raised flooring finishes to allow changes in the distribution of the areas

4: Perforated airflow raised flooring allows the levelling of the rooms at different heights.

5: Some kind of Perforated airflow raised flooring in environmental recyclable such as aluminium raised flooring.