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Perforated Conductive Vinyl Raised Floor
Perforated Conductive Vinyl Raised Floor

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Perforated conductive vinyl raised flooring


Perforated conductive vinyl raised flooring consists of a flat steel top sheet,welded to a formed steel bottom sheet. The opening rating on the top steel sheet will be 20%, 35% and 40%,  conductive vinyl raised floor is stuck on the surface and edging strip glued to each edge of the panel. All peforated panels are are available with adjustable damper on the bottom, For enquiry, Please ask the air ratio and Concentrate load, Concentrate load will be 800lb, 1000lb and 1250lb.



image002.gifPHYSICAL DATA                     

Weight of Bare Panel:(15KG)

Height of Bare  Panel:(35mm)

Fire Rating of Bare Panel:    

-Class A Flame Spread

-Non-Combustible Materials


Perforated conductive vinyl raised flooring(Conductive Vinyl)

image004.gifPERFORMANCE DATA    

Concentrated Load Rating:(3.59 kN)

Uniform Load Rating:(19.79 kg/m2)

Ultimate Load Rating:(10.79KN)

Impact Load Rating:(79 Kg) 

Rolling Load Rating:

-CISCA Wheel A (10 Pass):   (2.59 kN)

-CISCA Wheel B (10K Pass):  (2.21 kN)

Perforated conductive vinyl raised flooring(HPL) 


• The safe working load or design load for Perforated conductive vinyl raised flooring

 is equal to the concentrated load

• Lightweight for ease of handling

• Excellent grounding and electrical continuity

• Full range of factory applied finishes

• Completely non-combustible

• Interchangeable with any different types perforated conductive vinyl raised flooring

• Available in 24”and 60cm sizes



image006.jpgWith three standard load performance grades and complete

interchangeability with Perforated conductive vinyl raised flooring

, these panels coupled with an extensive selection of

understructure supports and floor finishes are suitable for a

wide range of applications from typical data/computer centers

to telecommunication rooms, mission critical facilities, electronic

assembly areas, and other general purpose equipment rooms