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Perforated PVC Raised Floor
Perforated PVC Raised Floor

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Perforated conductive vinyl raised flooring


Perforated conductive vinyl raised flooring is composed of panels, pedestals, stringers and screws. The stringers and pedestals are vertically adjustable and are secured with screws to form the stable bottom bearing. The elevated floors are then inlaid into the grid which is formed when connecting the stringers.

25% HPL/PVC Perforated conductive vinyl raised flooring

Panel description:

This is the standard Perforated conductive vinyl raised flooring panel, composed of two steel sheets welded together and enclosing a grid metal sheet. Both top sheet and bottom sheet are punched with ventilation holes to allow for easy air flow. The perforated raised floor tiles are coated with epoxy powder after have been phosphorated to protect against corrosion. More specifically, the anti-static high pressure laminate (HPL) tiles and PVC tiles are lined with a black conductive vinyl trim serving as the edging. The perforated panel canbe equipped with a damper which allows for air volume adjustment if necessary within the range of 0-25%. This panel system is compatible with the HPL/PVC type steel cement infilled panel system.


image002.gifPHYSICAL DATA

Weight of Bare Panel:(15KG)

Height of Bare  Panel:(35mm)

Fire Rating of Bare Panel:    

-Class A Flame Spread

-Non-Combustible Materials


Perforated HPL raised flooring panel (Conductive Vinyl)

image004.gifPERFORMANCE DATA    

Concentrated Load Rating:(3.59 kN)

Uniform Load Rating:(19.79 kg/m2)

Ultimate Load Rating:(10.79KN)

Impact Load Rating:(79 Kg) 

Rolling Load Rating:

-CISCA Wheel A (10 Pass):   (2.59 kN)

-CISCA Wheel B (10K Pass):  (2.21 kN)

Perforated HPL raised flooring panel (HPL)


Perforated conductive vinyl raised flooring can be installed with the damper, and it will make the air flow volume from 0~25% adjustment.