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Perforated Raised Floor
Perforated Raised Floor

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Perforated raised floor systems


Perforated raised floor system is a 600mm x 600mm raised access floor panel specially constructed to allow for air flow distribution from under the raised access floor. Load ratings are equal to full panels. Available with or without a damper for regulating air flow. Available with high pressure laminate surface covering to match full panels. The opening area of the surfacr is typically 17%-80%, For example, 25% opening area in a rectangular arrangement of small holes. 




PHYSICAL DATA                     

Weight of Bare Panel: (14KG)

Height of Bare  Panel: (35mm)

Fire Rating of Bare Panel:    

-Class A Flame Spread

-Non-Combustible Materials

Perforated raised floor systems (Conductive Vinyl)  



Concentrated Load Rating:(3.59 kN)

Uniform Load Rating:(19.79 kg/m2)

Ultimate Load Rating:(10.79KN)

Impact Load Rating:(79 Kg) 

Rolling Load Rating:

-CISCA Wheel A (10 Pass):(2.59 kN)

-CISCA Wheel B (10K Pass):(2.21 kN)

Perforated raised floor systems (HPL)


1:Perforated raised floor system are epoxy coated

2:shells consisting of a flat steel top sheet welded to a

formed steel bottom sheet.

3:Manufactured to exacting tolerances, these non-combustible rigid, solid panels

deliver the ultimate in strength and durability with the convenience of lightweight construction.



Concentrated Load

The maximum deflection and permanent set of an Perforated raised floor systems under load. When testing for a panel's concentrated load, a 1”x1”2 load is applied onto the surface of the panel at its weakest point. The panel deflection and permanent set is measured by recording the indentor movement.

In a typical office building scenario, concentrated loads are typically imposed by stationary furniture and equipment with legs.


Ultimate Load

The Maximum load applied onto the Perforated raised floor systems without failure. When testing for a panel's ultimate load, a concentrated 1”x1”2 load is applied onto the surface of the access floor panel and this load is increased until the panel fails structurally.

This is sometimes expressed as a multiple of concentrated load and referred to as a safety factor. A minimum safety factor of two is recommended.


Rolling Load

The durability and/or deformation of an access floor system when exposed to commercially anticipated caster traffic using a specific load. Rolling loads are defined by the number of passes, size and hardness of the wheel, and the combined weight of the cart and its contents on each wheel. 

These loads are typically imposed by equipment on wheels across the access floor.





CHINA MOBILE (GUANGDONG) IDC DATA CENTER Project required an Perforated raised floor systems. Due to the IDC data center environment, the raised floor pedestal and stringer is used by Seismic pedestals and Bolted Stringer.

Client       CHINA MOBILE 

Purpose & Size: 30,000m²

Duration      5 Months

Completed  January 2018