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Perforated Raised Floor With PVC Conduxtive Tiles
Perforated Raised Floor With PVC Conduxtive Tiles

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Our perforated raised flooring specialists have designed solutions for data centers around the globe. From perforated raised floor panels and intelligent air movers, to server rack blanking panels and underfloor plenum panels, our complete product portfolio allows us to work with you and the specific parameters of your facility to create a solution that addresses all your airflow needs.

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Perforated raised flooring pannel materials:

1:Our raised floor is made of cold-roll steel sheets, In the bottom steel sheet, it is formed by the machines and 64 cups on the bottoms to make the raised floor strength. The top steel sheet and the bottom steel sheet is welded  by weld machines.

2:When raiseld floor shell finished, raised floor is sprayed the powder and dried by the super oven?

3:Then raised floor is infilled the cement into the raised floor shell and, waitting cerment drying. After cleaning, the bare raised floor is completed.