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Porcelain Raised Floor
Porcelain Raised Floor

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porcelain raised floor systems

porcelain raised floor systems are improving the traditional ceramic tile paving method, we are sticking the anti-static ceramic tile to czhuiya all steel or calcium sulphate panel. Comparing to other anti-static floor finish, anti-static ceramic tile is more durable, decorative, better fireproof, waterproof and abrasion resistance performance.

· Permanent and stable anti-static property, system and surface resistance: 106~9O.
·Excellent heat resistance, anti-static property maintains the same at the temperature of 1000?
·Abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, acids resistance and noncombustible.
·Ceramtic tile is anti-aging.
·Non-toxic, nonradiative and environmental friendly.

porcelain raised floor systems  is widely used in control rooms, converter rooms, electronics manufacturing factory, clean rooms and telecommunications rooms. 

porcelain raised floor systems is suitable for buildings for offices or governmental ones, as well as for any other area of use. It gives an added value to the building aesthetics due to its technical characteristics: noise absorption, comfortable footstep and other relevant added values.

The aesthetics and functionality of the building will be improved with this innovative system. It is developed with a unique process in the world. It has excellent technical characteristics and durability is ensured. The building aesthetics and functionality will be improved with this innovative system. It is developed with a unique process in the world and it is normally used at any type of building. Porcelain raised floor systemshas the highest heavy-load capacity thanks to its steel core injected with lightened cement. Its 600x600 mm floor tiles consist of a thermoforming steel bottom sheet with 64 concave holes electronically welded to a smooth top steel sheet and a strengthening edge trim.


The 10 mm thickness porcelain raised floor systems is directly assembled at our production centres through a thermo-fusion process between the core (steel-cement) and the porcelain stone. During the assembling process an acoustic membrane that absorbs the irregularities from the bottom part of the porcelain is used, this way a suspension for a comfortable and stable footstep is created. This element has great acoustic characteristics absorbing noise impacts and footsteps.