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Porcelain Raised Floor Type 1
Porcelain Raised Floor Type 1

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Introduction of porcelain raised flooring 

The anti-static technology of the computer room is part of the security and protection of the computer room. The problem caused by static electricity is not only difficult for hardware personnel to detect but sometimes it also makes software personnel mistakenly think that it is a software failure, which causes work confusion. Nowadays, many people are laying porcelain raised flooring. Why can ceramic tile anti-static floor lead to static electricity? What is the role of the ordinary porcelain raised flooring?

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1. The structure and material composition of porcelain raised flooring:

The anti-static surface layer of the ceramic tile is uniformly injected into the conductive additive during the production process, and the anti-static property can be more stable for a longer period of time due to the strong wear resistance of the ceramic material. The porcelain raised flooring structure is formed by stamping and forming the lower steel plate and punching the upper steel plate. The general specification is 600*600*40mm, the thickness of the base steel plate is 30mm, and the ceramic antistatic surface is 10mm. The sides of the ceramic surface are sealed with conductive rubber strips. A lot of work will ask the ceramic anti-static floor to give me no bounds. Others here I want to explain to you. This ceramic raised floor must have rubber strips on all four sides. This strip is less than 0.5mm, but it is attached to the side of the ceramic surface. When you install the combination, the combination of the perimeter of the floor and the perimeter of the floor is beautiful and generous.  When the two plates are joined together, this black edge of less than 1.0 mm is invisible. It's no different from an infinity floor.

2, the role of porcelain raised flooring:

Ceramic anti-static floor, because the surface layer is made of ceramic tile material, the material of its own ceramic tile is not easy to crack naturally in the harsh environment. Therefore, the ceramic anti-static floor is generally used in the area where the temperature difference between the north and the night is too large or the air humidity. Dry area. If the operating environment cannot be controlled in the conditional temperature: 15 ° C ~ 35 ° C, the relative temperature: 45% RH ~ 75% RH, the machine room, generally use ceramic anti-static floor. The ceramic anti-static floor will cost one-third of the freight compared with the all-steel anti-static floor. Ceramic anti-static flooring is generally used in the program-controlled computer room of the oil and power sector or in the engine room where the flow of people is too large.