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Trunking Bare Office Raised Floor
Trunking Bare Office Raised Floor

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Trunking bare office raised flooring


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1. XLOA ultra-low multi-function trunking network overhead movable floor is a buckled structure, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving product, and certified by green environment.

2. The product system is free from the height limitation of the traditional network floor, the minimum height is only 35mm, and is equipped with an advanced route management function system, which provides a structured route planning machine system configuration for various strong and weak electric lines of the modern office.

3, flexible and convenient wiring function; modular cable trough assembly is convenient, can be interchanged in any channel, reduce investment to open the wire trough cover can be arbitrarily wired, no need to repeatedly open the floor; the ground socket can be any with the side cover Change, no need to cut the floor; each cover has an outlet, which can be freely routed.

product structure:

1, by the floor block, side cover, angle cover, corner floor, bracket; optional accessories are: ground socket, lower trunk, outlet.

2, the floor adjustment height range is 35-150mm, considering the interface with the common parts, the best laying height is 50mm, effectively saving floor space height.


5A level intelligent office building, conference room, electric classroom and other dustproof and waterproof occasions, the surface is carpet or PVC veneer.


All-steel OA intelligent network floor is suitable for all kinds of 5A-class intelligent buildings, 5A-class office buildings, various computer rooms and places with overhead requirements and network integrated wiring, which is more suitable for the ground modification of the old office building integrated wiring.