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ESD Vinyl Flooring Rolls
ESD Vinyl Flooring Rolls

Sell Type: International business

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ESD Vinyl Flooring Roll

The anti-static ESD ROLL Vinyl Flooring uses the Anti-static network to make it have anti-static function and has good decorative effect. The product is mainly used in electronic computer room, clean room, program-controlled switch room and electronic equipment manufacturing. The production facilities of the microelectronics industry, such as production plants, sterile rooms, central control rooms, etc., require purification and ESD ROLL Vinyl Flooring decoration. It is widely used in banking, post and telecommunications, railway, transportation, medicine, microelectronics industry, electronic instrument industry and other fields.

  • Size: 2M*20M/15M

  • Weight: 2mm:2.9KG/SQM

  • Electric Properties: Conductive < < 10^6 ohms, Dissipative: 10^6-10^9 ohms

  • Application Filed: Electronic, Computer Room,Hospital, Electronic

  • Comprehensive Advice: Hospital please choose ESD ROLL, because ROLL is anti-bacterial.


(1) Products Property

ESD ROLLING VINYL FLOORING, permanent anti-static property. The products are widely used in the place of precise instrument and professional equipment, including electronics, clean room, computer room, hospital, telecommunication, airspace, etc.

(2) Environmentally-friendly Materials

Comply with ISO14001, using European advanced production technology. Insure the raw materials and production meet European standard.

(3) Durable

ESD ROLL Vinyl Flooring has excellent stability and wear resistance, meet the usage of all kind of public huge traffic site, durable, perfect stress resistance and wear resistance.