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what is carpet floor tiles and where to use it

2020/1/4 20:50:48

Where to use carpet tiles?

Carpets should be an option that should be considered when it comes to designing a new floor, work or home. Much cheaper than regular rugs, carpet tiles offer all the modern advantages of a standard rug for almost half the cost. For more than 50 years, carpet tiles have been used to decorate floors both at home and at work. Other popular names for carpet tiles include modular flooring or boxed carpet. Although they are about 50 years old, in recent years they are more popular due to many advantages.

carpet tile .jpg

What is carpet tile?

A high-density piece of vinyl or similar plastic is used to bind the carpet fibres into pieces about half a meter long. They were used only in commercial facilities, due to their ability to withstand heavy traffic and economy. But nowadays they have become popular among new owners, restorers and developers.

Why should we use carpet tiles?

1. Easy installation. The carpets are reasonably sized, which means you don't need more than one person to move and position the carpet. You can easily adjust the size and shape of the plate depending on where you want to place it or set it with a sharp knife. Using carpet glue will help keep the carpet in place.

2. Easy to clean and maintain. Carpets are divided into sections that facilitate cleaning and care. You must empty it two or three times a week (depending on the frequency of movement on the floor) to keep it clean. You can also use regular carpet shampoo. The advantage of carpet tiles is that someone spills food or drinks on the carpet. You need to remove the damaged plate, wash and dry the plate and return it to where you have it. ,

3. Design as you like. Carpet tiles are available in a wide range of colours and textures, giving you the freedom to choose what you like. You can arrange them according to the desired design or model. Are you tired of the existing look model? Replace carpet tiles for a completely different look.

4. Durability. carpet tiles on floor , even used ones, are quite durable and can withstand the wear caused by movement, provided that you take care of them like a regular carpet.

5. Are more versatile. You can use more styles or colours, and you can create your look with more than one texture and several colours.

6. They are easy to replace, and you will save money. Many carpet tiles do not have to be removed; the whole floor should not be changed. For proper cleaning, replace only damaged or too dirty plates.

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The kinds of carpet tiles

Woven Carpet Tiles:

Woven carpet tiles are usually thicker and more expensive. These plates are made of cars. For the manufacture of these boards, wires of different colours are used, so more work is required. Therefore they are more expensive. Woven carpet tiles have limited colours because only specific colours can be sewn. Woven tiles are an excellent choice for private rooms.

Tufted tiles

Tufted tile is made using a tufting machine. The thread used in it is colourless, and after sewing, the thread dies in shape. The tile is not too thick and is often used in different parts of the house. Due to its smaller thickness, it has a relatively lower price than woven tiles. The higher the thickness, the more expensive the plate.

Flatweave Tiles

Flatweave Tiles are woven with yarn to form embroidery. Horizontal and vertical knitting is done to get beautiful patterns. They are often used as carpets. They are quite durable, and their front and back look the same.

Need Felt tiles

They are very durable and are used in places with heavy traffic, for example in commercial areas. The process by which electrostatic current connects the fibres makes these plates. This is one of the rare species and therefore cheap.

Vinyl Tiles

Such tiles are weave tiles are fixed to a vinyl backing. Vinyl support gives the tiles greater strength and does not twist in the corners. Many types of tiles can be attached to a vinyl backing for firm support.

Fibre Glass Tiles

It is also the type of tile used with tiles. Fibreglass reinforces the boards, providing rigidity and preventing hinges and buckles. Fibreglass enlivens the boards, as does the vinyl backing.

All of these types are in high demand worldwide. Installing carpet tiles is a wise decision for those who want to save money and have beautiful floors.

Carpet tile application

Where can you use carpet tiles? The answer is everywhere! Carpet tile is versatile, functional and durable. Applications in rooms and areas are practically unlimited. Using carpet tiles, you can create a very cheap floor that can withstand heavy traffic. Not only that, but you can easily install them and replace the boards if necessary. If necessary, carpet tiles can be used anywhere in homes, offices, churches, kindergartens, hotels, restaurants, schools and on rental real estate!

At home, carpet tiles are very popular in prefabricated basements due to price and built-in resistance to mould, fungi and water. Carpets, however, are ideal for almost any other room in the house. Bonus rooms and game rooms are a good place to use them, as you can create clean, funny, and fun patterns using several colours Nurseries are another place where carpet tile works well.

home carpet.jpg

Outside the house, carpet tiles have many places where you can use them. Churches and daycare centres are popular spots for using carpet tiles. Carpet tiles are used everywhere in churches, from nurseries to public rooms, to shrines and classrooms. Also, day care centres use tiles because they need a soft but durable floor, and all the children run and play. It also helps replace the plates in the future for all small leaks that may occur during day care.

Hotels and restaurants use carpet tiles to cope with heavy pedestrian traffic and wear. With so many people walking every day, gender causes a lot of abuse. Commercial space and carpet tiles may be cheap, but they still maintain this level of traffic.

Schools and rental properties need an inexpensive and functional floor. On a budget, a school can provide tiled carpet floors. Using carpet tiles in rental properties, the owner can not only save the product but also extend the life of the floor, as carpet tiles are very durable.

There are probably several places where you may not think about using tiles. RV's and campers are a great place where carpet tiles can be used. They can be easily cut to fit many turns of a camper, and have a low profile so as not to disturb the height of the floor.

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