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Can Raised Floor Used In Toilet?

2020/1/12 7:51:50

What is Raised Floor?

Before everything became high-tech and wireless, there was a time, if you finished your attic, you would choose a drop ceiling to hide your wires. That way you can hook up your entertainment system without unwanted wires running down your wall and when you need to fix your setup, you simply tiled the ceiling, did what you needed, and then replaced.


While today's modern offices have a lot of wireless problems, there are still a lot of wires left and therefore, by staying with the ceiling down, the floors are born. What they are are easy places to clear all of your wires and not of course. If you have to serve something, all you have to do is get out of the ground a bit, do the work and restore the ground to its original appearance.

 carpet tile .jpg

It may seem strange that you have a raised floor in the office, but if you think about it, it just makes sense. Instead of cold concrete under your feet, you now have a raised floor built from the ground up and can keep warm or cool depending on the outside temperatures and it's also a great place to avoid unsatisfactory things.


The raised floors can also ventilate so that you no longer need air flow from the wall or ceiling. Instead, hot air can rise from the ground and do what hot air does - it rises to heat the entire space. Ditto for the fresh air during the hot summer months.


The best part about raised flooring is that it can be any size, depending on your office space as a whole. If you only want a small raised floor that you can access from the top, this is a good option, but they can also be built so that a technician can actually walk around to do any work that needs to be done. fact. Which size for a floor is fully customized and adapted to your office and your needs.


Raised floor can be covered with squares of carpet, tiles, or hard-looking substances, so any floor should look and maintain its ease. Most offices, hospitals and the like have these raised floors, but they are so well hidden that no one really notices.

Do you want to get out of conventional floors and look for something new for your floors? If so, try the raised floor. The raised access floor is designed for a different foot feel, something that will certainly make you feel better. Raised floors with a wooden core are the most popular among the many varieties available on the market. They are not similar to Chinese laminate flooring, where the wooden core is highly resistant to abrasion. Instead, the raised access floors with a wooden core are covered with PVC or HPL tiles, which makes the floor surface.


For those looking for waterproof floors, for them, the type of wooden core is certainly not the right choice. If you are playing for a more attractive look, look at the RA floor covered with carpet. PVC, HPL and carpet floors are the perfect choice for cement panel floors. For those of you who like ventilated floors, for them, perforated floor panels are a great option. OA flooring is just another type and this makes a great choice if you are using multiple cables or wires on your flooring.


An ideal raised floor should have several qualities:


• Water resistant power

• Resistance to humidity

• Non-slip function

• Ecological

• Corrosion resistant power


Increased access floors come with a pedestal that allows you to adjust the floor to the required height. So, when buying, you need to check the width, length and thickness of the floor panels so that the floor meets all your requirements. Also check if the floor is galvanized if you absolutely need it. To determine how much will be needed for your room, calculate the area of the room before going to the stores.


Can raised Floor can be used in Toilet?


It is a good idea to have a raised floor in the bathroom, but the raised floor will always bring a huge problem when remaking the toilet floor. A raised floor at any part of the room can make the toilet level to be below the completed floor level to get a good seal. To solve the problem, you can use two wax rings, but the toilet floor is not something to put chances on. The best solution is to lift the height of the toilet floor.


To raise the toilet floor, buy a right toilet flange lifting ring thick enough to lift the toilet raising surface so that it is some inches higher the level of the raised tile floor.


Clean the existing top of the toilet flange well with a rag. Then apply a bead of silicone caulk on the top edge of the flange. Put the raising ring on the flange and fix the mounting holes to raise them above over the open holes in the toilet flange while at the same time you maintain the position of the toilet bolt spaces. Fix the raising ring using driving steel wood screws between the mounting points into the subfloor by the open spaces of the flange.


Place the new bolts through the spaces in the raising ring. Slip-on the top of plastic fixing washers. Put wax rings over the raising ring.


Complete the toilet floor installation.


Things you will require:


Ruler or measuring tape


Toilet flange raising ring


Silicon caulk


Power driver/drill


Wax ring with toilet bolt kit




Improved access floor systems are the cornerstone of a wide variety of modern work facilities, including offices, data centers, call centers, retail spaces, command centers and even educational institutions such as classrooms and libraries and toilet raised floor. One of the biggest trends is low profile cable management systems which allow simple and efficient layering without the need to cut or wire cables.

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