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How To Repair & Replace Raised Access Floor Pedestals?

2020/5/31 23:52:24

Is your raised floor support pedestal bent or damaged? This is dangerous, please go to repair now! Follow us to learn how to properly repair or replace the pedestal of the raised access floor!

How To Replace Raised Floor Pedestal & Repair Access Floor Support System?

Raised floor pedestal is an important accessory to support the raised floor system, and is the key to forming the space under the raised floor. Without the raised floor support pedestal, the access floor panel cannot be fixed high on the ground, and even the so-called raised floor system cannot be created, so it can be said that the access floor pedestal directly affects the effectiveness and safety of the raised floor. Damaged or bent raised floor pedestal will directly affect the structure of flooring system and even lead to dangerous accidents. Repairing the damaged pedestal in time is to avoid the collapse of the entire elevated system, which is why we want to show you how to quickly and correctly repair and fix the raised floor pedestal. It's not difficult, follow us to learn!

With the right tools and equipment, you can follow the steps below to quickly fix pedestal problems and improve the overall health of raised floors.

1. Remove The Raised Floor Panels

Identify the damaged area and use the access floor lifter to remove the floor panels located in this area so that you can enter the bottom of the raised floor to check out the entire support frame. If you want to know more details about this step, please read our other guide on how to remove the raised floor panel safely and effectively.

2. Determine The Damage of Pedestal

Look at the damage of the bottom pedestal, carefully inspect those structural parts that are damaged, find out all the floor pedestals that may be problematic, and see if there are other accessories damaged, such as stringers.

3. Remove Broken Pedestals

Remove the damaged pedestal from the raised floor support system. Usually you need to unscrew the screws for fixing and then remove the pedestals from the frame.

4. Check Out Damaged Pedestal

Thoroughly inspect the damaged access floor pedestal and base again to determine the cause of the base break, bend, or other damage. This will help you to take effective measures to prevent such situations from happening again in subsequent repairs.

5. Replace With A New Pedestal

Depending on the type of raised floor support frame you are using, you can repair the frame by screwing in a new base. However, if your floor support frame is welded, you will have to replace the frame completely. No matter when changing the pedestal or the frame, in order to achieve a perfect and harmonious matching effect, please choose the exact same size and material as the original parts.

6. Install The New Pedestals

Fix the new pedestal in the position you are fighting for. Then adjust the height of the support frame from the raised floor. Also, make sure that the support frame that replaced the new pedestal is flush with all other frames.

7. Reposition Raised Access Panels

You need to decide whether to replace the raised floor panel. If one of the pedestals is damaged, your floor may be bent or damaged, so you need to choose the correct shape and size of the access floor panel to replace the damaged access floor panel. If there is no need to replace the new floor, use the floor lifter to reposition it on the floor frame.

8. Clean Up Raised Flooring System

When performing the above operations, there is no doubt that it will cause some stains or dust. Both the space under the floor and the surface of the access floor panel need to be cleaned in time.