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Epoxy Flooring vs. Industrial Vinyl Flooring: Which Is The Better For Factory Floor (Production Workshop)?

2020/6/20 16:50:38

Choose traditional epoxy flooring or new industrial vinyl flooring for your workshop? In this article, we will discuss the main problem of floors in workshops and compare the application of epoxy flooring and vinyl floor in the factory floor.

Choose The Right Workshop Flooring For Your Company Factory

Different requirements for material, quality, loads from transport vehicles and products, as well as the requirements for safety by the trade inspectorate and the professional association, must be reconciled, such as color, appearance and purchase price. Of course, an inexpensive workshop floor could also last a very long time, low price does not necessarily have to result in compromised quality. The industrial floor is selected according to completely different criteria, so the floor is mostly selected due to high loads with fork lifts and strong forces when cornering, as well as pressure point loads. Getting a mechanical workshop to have a pavement that guarantees perfect conditions depends on a good choice of soil type on your part.

Epoxy floors and industrial vinyl floors can meet the above-mentioned factory floor requirements, so they have always become the choice of many companies. Then you will ask, which flooring solution should I choose for my workshop? Below we bring you the answer.

Epoxy Floor - Suitable Option For Factory Floor But Not The Best

The epoxy floor has the advantages of flat, bright appearance, colorful, dustproof, wear-resistant, strong adhesion, good flexibility, impact resistance, heavy pressure resistance, high hardness, mildew resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance. It also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, antistatic, easy cleaning, low cost, fast construction speed, etc. It can withstand the long-term rolling of forklifts and automobiles and heavy machinery. Therefore, almost all modern factories will choose different epoxy floor coating systems to meet their different environmental needs. While using epoxy flooring in workshop would end up becoming a problem due to the characteristics of this material.

Epoxy Flooring For Factory Floor (Workshop).jpg

Why Epoxy Floor Is Not A Good Flooring Option For Factory Floor?

And it is that the application of epoxy paint is not a good idea for the following reasons:

  • Scratched floors - Do not expect to see huge scratches or wear from the first day, but marks that you will not be able to remove from the first day of its application. Not only by entering and leaving with vehicles, but the tools themselves or any other element that comes into contact with the epoxy floor will begin to wear it down.

  • Low Resistance Paint - Another of the problems of the floor in workshops with epoxy paint is that the paint jumps. If we consider that many cars enter and leave the workshops at the end of the day, the durability of the floor will be minimal. Another problem related to the durability of the paint is that they tend to create bubbles when applied. So constant contact with them will make the paint jump more easily.

  • Discoloration - Applying water to clean the floor of your workshop or garage having left some material or element on the floor can be another problem. And it is that this application can filter and end up leaving marks on the ground in the shape of those elements that are in contact with it.

The problems of applying epoxy paint in your workshop do not mean that you have to give all, or just one. This will also vary from the previous soil preparation. Most of these setbacks appear due to a poor application of epoxy paint, in which professionals have not been considered. Despite this, there are other options that can offer you a much better result.

Industrial ESD Vinyl Floors - The Ideal Option For Your Workshop Flooring

Epoxy paint can be an option for private or small workshops, as long as it is done in the right way. However, its use in mechanical workshops such as the large factory floor of CNC machining, will not offer the same guarantees as other types of floors such as conductive vinyl floors.

Vinyl PVC Floor For Factory Floor (Workshop).jpg

Why Vinyl Flooring Is The Best Solution For Factory Floor?

The advantages that you will obtain from the use of an industrial vinyl floor for workshops compared to epoxy paint will be the following:

  • Durable and long lifespan. High resistance for scratch, abrasion, strike, fatigue, impact, etc.

  • Anti-fouling and dirt-resistant. Impervious to water, oils, and other types of liquids such as mineral fats. All this without any discoloration.

  • Antibacterial and anti-corrosion. It is resistant against chemical agents that come into contact with it.

  • It is a type of non-slip flooring and offers buffer. This guarantee worker and production safety.

  • Easy to clean. The PVC floor is completely hygienic and, to clean it, with a simple damp cloth you will be able to leave it clean and shiny. No need to resort to extensive cleaning tasks.

  • Electrical insulator and good electrical conductivity. The ESD vinyl floor rolls will favor the work produced in the workshop itself, especially for electronic production. 

  • It is fire prevention. It does not decompose before abrasions or contact with fire.

Beyond the advantages of betting on the industrial vinyl floor to avoid problems in workshops regarding its pavement, other points that you have to consider are:

  • Do not stop the activity of the workshop. In the event that your workshop is operational, installing PVC flooring does not imply having to stop production since, among other things, it is not toxic like epoxy paint. At the price of other cheaper solutions, we must add the downtime, and the cessation of business. Cost that must not be taken into account with vinyl floor rolls or tiles.

  • Comfort. It is not a simple layer on top of the cement. PVC floors guarantee the correct cushioning in each of your steps.

  • It favors the hygiene of the workshop. Under the layer that connects the cement with the PVC floor, neither bacteria nor fungus will appear, which will end up creating problems and humidity. In this way, the durability of vinyl floors is much greater than any other type of component applied to workshop floors.

From Accessfloorstore.Com, we guarantee the best result of your workshop with the application of conductive homogeneous vinyl flooring. With more than 15 years of experience, the result will not let you down on any point.