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How To Fix Loose or Curling Self-Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tiles (Peel and Stick PVC Floor Tiles)?

2020/6/22 19:04:47

The adhesive on the back of peel and stick flooring is usually very good. But sometimes you get some stubborn self-adhesive, peel-and-stick tiles loosening and curling up at the edges at some point months after installation. How to glue down curling edges of self stick vinyl floor plank? How to fix self adhesive vinyl floor tiles on plywood/concrete/ceramic when they become loose? Here we're showing 3 solutions to re-glue and repair the curling self-adhesive vinyl floor planks (peel and stick tiles).

Fix Curling Self-Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tiles (Peel and Stick PVC Floor Tiles).jpg

How To Fix Curling and Loose Self Adhesive Vinyl Flooring?

If a tile is attached, but complains at a corner or edge - the adhesive does not hold the vinyl flat firmly, and the peel and stick PVC tiles curl up and away from the underlayment. Then you need to re-glue the vinyl floor tile to the sub-floor and fix this problem in time, otherwise, it will cause bigger problems. Here we show you 3 useful methods to fix curled self-stick vinyl flooring.

Method 1: Soften the Glue On The Curled Vinyl Tile and Stick Again

The peel and stick vinyl floor tiles curl up at the corners as their adhesive fail for some reasons, but there’s usually still enough stick to them. You can try to do the following steps to glue down curling edges of self-stick vinyl tiles back to the underlayment:

  • Step 1: Make sure that no dust or debris gets into the bottom of the curled vinyl tiles. If so, you need to do some cleaning.

  • Step 2: Use a hairdryer or iron (put the aluminum foil on the bottom to prevent damage to the floor surface) to heat the curled area to make it flexible and to soften the adhesive.

  • Step 3: As you know, the adhesive will regain its vitality after heating. Before cooling, press the tiles back to the ground as soon as possible.

  • Step 4: Use a floor roller roll the vinyl tile firmly across the subfloor, then put some heavy flat objects such us some books on the surface to weigh down the repaired area.

Soften the Glue On Curled Self Adhesive Vinyl Tile and Stick Again.jpg

Method 2: Use Double-Sided Flooring Installation Tape To Re-Glue Peel & Stick PVC Tiles

If the first one method does not work and the original adhesive on your self stick vinyl floor, it means you have to apply new stick objects to re-glue the curled PVC tiles. Here is a unique type of double-sided and moisture-resistant tape tape which actually transfers a strip of very strong adhesive to the floor. It is designed for the rapid and permanent installation of a wide variety of resilient flooring types and transition materials, which is even no cure or dry time required. Enjoy instant bond and instant utilization on repair curling vinyl tiles with the below steps:

  • Step 1: Heat the curled area (using aluminum foil and an iron as described in step 1 above) to make it flexible and to soften the adhesive. 

  • Step 2: Raise the tile just enough. Make sure that no dust, debris gets into the bottom of the curled vinyl tiles and subfloor, clean up the residual glue on the subfloor.

  • Step 3: Place the double-side flooring tape of the subfloor, then press firmly, trim to desired length on the edges.

  • Step 4: Remove backing of the double-side tape and press the vinyl plank back to underlayment. 

  • Step 5: You can also use the roller to press the surface to make the adhesion more firmly.

Double-Sided Heavy Duty Flooring Installation Tape.jpg

Method 3: Apply All Purpose Adhesive To Re-Stick Curling Self-Adhesive Vinyl Tiles

The last method we recommend here is use the adhesive which all purpose adhesive which is sold in most well-stocked hardware stores. You can also use glue specifically for vinyl flooring, but please make sure it is effective for the subfloor.

  • Step 1: Cover the tile with aluminum foil and heat the vinyl floors with an iron over medium heat. This will make the tile flexible and soften the adhesive.

  • Step 2: Peel off more of the tile so you can apply enough adhesive. Make sure that no dust, debris gets into the bottom of the curled vinyl tiles and residual glue on the subfloor.

  • Step 3: Carefully raise the tile just enough to spread the bottom or floor with fresh adhesive using a spatula or plastic spatula. Don't overdo it - too much adhesive can cause the tile to ripple.

  • Step 3: Press the tile into place and roll it to the edge to force the excess adhesive with the rolling pin. Clean any extra stickers with a damp cloth.

  • Step 4: Cover the tile with a board and a heavy weight for at least 8 hours

Apply All Purpose Adhesive To Re-Stick Curling Self-Adhesive Vinyl Tiles.jpg


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