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Raised Access Floors Are Ideal Flooring Solution For Corporate Environments (Office Projects)

2020/6/29 19:24:52

Flexibility is the word for qualifying raised floors. The construction system is basically composed of modular plates of different materials and also modular support structures that, coupled directly on the substrate, create free spaces for the passage of electrical, data and telecommunications cables, pipes and even air conditioning.

In office and commercial projects, where the volume of installations, the need for maintenance and updating of cabling technologies is increasing, the solution gains space by facilitating access to this infrastructure. In addition to offering great possibility of configurations in the assembly and certain mobility in situations of layout changes. In environments where adjustments are almost commonplace, raised floor systems are the ideal solution! Why? Follow us to check out the benefits you could get for installing Raised Access Floor System in your office and other corporate environments!

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Benefits For Using Raised Access Floor System In Your Corporate Environments

In addition to flexibility in handling, raised floor systems meet another current demand from designers and builders: speed of execution. The average installation time may vary according to the type of floor chosen and the specifics of the project, however, it is generally less than that of floors installed with mortar. This is because there is no need to carry out the subfloor, and the product can be installed directly on the slab.

Depending on the project, the construction period can be shortened by several weeks. The average installation for the product is 300 square meters/day, informs the engineer. Huiya, a professional manufacturer of raised floors, indicates the average time of execution of the solutions provided by the company at 400 square meters/day.

The system also meets the thermal and acoustic insulation needs typical of corporate projects.

Variety of Raised Floor Types, Modulations, and Heights

The industry offers different types of raised floors. The most traditional system consists of steel plates filled with cellular concrete. It is the most established raised access floor system and, therefore, the most accepted by the market.

Other options, however, have emerged in recent years, expanding the application possibilities. In addition to the materials used in the panels, the systems usually differ by modulation, mass, height adjustment and fittings.

Know some of the options available on the market: 

  • Metallic (Steel/Aluminum) - They are composed of steel or aluminum sheets filled with cement-based mortar. The assembly is done on metal access floor pedestals with height adjustment mechanism (little monkeys), which allows leveling even on substrates that present irregularities. In general, the panels are modulated by 60 x 60 cm.

  • Thermoplastics (Polypropylene) - Such as the type of low profile raised floor system which is mostly used in office and commercial spaces, the option has as main advantages the lightness - the plates are approximately 12 kg / m², and the malleability, since the plastic material facilitates the cutouts. The assembly process does not require fixing the pedestal to the subfloor, but requires regularization of the slab. Lower profile raised floor, from 7cm, allow application in retrofit projects.

  • Minerals (Calcium Sulphate) - Produced from additive plaster, mixing cellulose fibers made from recycled materials. The installation is carried out dry, with no need for drying time. Panels in sizes 60 x 60 cm.

  • Monolithic (Raised Monolithic Floor) - Molded on the spot from PVC molds filled with self-leveling mineral mass. They are applied directly on the slab. In addition to the passage of electrical and telecommunications wiring, air conditioning is provided.

Raised Access Flooring Finishes

The range of finishing options for raised floors is wide. Materials such as ESD vinyl, Ceramic, Anti Static Carpet, High Pressure Laminate can be applied to the internal spaces of the offices. The external areas can receive granites, marbles, and rubber floors. The choice of the most appropriate involves functional, technical and aesthetic aspects.

Raised Floor Specifications For Corporate & Commercial Projects

We have already learned the advantages and characteristics of raised access floors above. When you choose raised floors for your enterprise projects, to ensure maximum benefits, you need to understand the following technical specifications:

  • When specifying a raised floor for your corporate spaces, the designer must keep in mind which subsystems will be installed in the free span, to define the ideal elevation height. You should also be aware of architectural interference between environments, in order to determine the need for ramps, steps, and the junction with wet areas. In retrofit cases, it is essential to carry out an evaluation of the structure according to the weight of the raised floor that will be applied.

  • The ideal is for the solution to be adopted still in the conceptualization phase. This is because the raised floor system, in addition to impacts in terms of structural load, needs to be aligned with other systems, such as window frames. More efficient pagination, with less loss of execution in the installation, is also achieved in the project.

  • For the precise choice of access floor type for your corporate environments, our engineer recommends that the following items be taken into account: the dimensions of the access floor panels, the load that the system supports, the finishes that can be applied and if the floor is fully removable or not.

If you still have any questions about raised floors, or are finding the most efficient and cost-effective raised floor system for your business, contact us now, HUIYA will help you out with 20 years of professional raised floor production experience!