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How To Remove Excess Glue From Vinyl Floor Tile (PVC Floor Tiles)?

2020/9/8 18:36:20

Once your Vinyl Floor installation is finished, it is not uncommon to find that traces of glue have marked it. Our tip explains how to clean this excess glue easily and without damaging the PVC floor tiles.

How To Remove Excess Glue From Vinyl Plank Flooring Tiles

Vinyl flooring can look so real that it's hard to tell it from the real thing. While when you use adhesive to glue your vinyl floor tile on the subfloor, the excess may leak to the surface. Sometimes you will get glue marks on your floor, which ruins the effect. Excess glue can be difficult to remove from vinyl floor tiles, but there are a few ways to do it without damaging your new vinyl plank flooring.

1. Remove Excess Glue From Vinyl Floor Seams

If you have to stop vinyl flooring for several hours or days, remove excess adhesive from the sub-floor.

  • The best way to do this is to take a wooden board with a straight edge and use it to flatten the excess glue on the floor.

  • This is particularly important in the area of the edges of the vinyl floor that has already been laid. Otherwise, the adhesive has to be painstakingly scraped off with a scraper the next day.

2. Remove Fresh Glue From Vinyl Floor Tile Surface

It's probably best to remove the glue while it's fresh. If you are installing the boards yourself, this is an easy task. 

  • Just take a dry cloth or new sponge and make it slightly damp. 

  • Clean on the surface of the vinyl where the glue is. 

  • If there is a lot of glue, you may want to push the glue onto a plastic card and lift it up before rubbing the floor with the cloth.

3. Remove Dried Glue From Vinyl Floor Tile Surface

If you haven't had a chance to remove the glue before it dries, you'll have to work a lot harder to get rid of the mark. If there is a piece of dry glue, remove as much as you can by hand, being careful not to damage the floor, and then wipe with a damp cotton cloth, keeping the floor and glue mark as moist as possible.

1) Residual vinyl glue on a vinyl floor

In the event that traces of vinyl glue have dried on the PVC floor:

  • This glue, which has become transparent after drying, is easily removed in a single block;

  • depending on the thickness of the marks, lightly scrape the glue with a wooden spatula;

  • Once the glue is removed, apply a damp sponge to the glue traces.

Note: since the wood of the spatula is relatively flexible, there is no risk of damaging the surface of the parquet board.

2) Solvent glue: clean up residue

To remove solvent cement residue:

  • With a wooden spatula, remove most of the glue;

  • Generously apply a floor covering glue remover with a brush, which will act on even old glue residues, which you will find at a price of 10$-15$ per liter;

  • Rinse the surface thoroughly with water.

Note: This glue is elastic and therefore easy to remove.

By using these tips, you should be able to remove excess glue from the vinyl plank flooring, greatly improving its appearance.